Free snow


I have tons and tons of snow. Free to whomever wants it. U haul.


It can stop now.

We are on day 2 of the kids being home…school is closed.

Unfortunately, animals still have to eat…so at some point today I have to attempt to drive in this mess. Poor honey…she is probably eating her fence posts at this point. I have to go.

But I don’t wanna. Oh well…I guess I’ll just carry a shovel and some sand in the car and head out.

The things I won’t do for that horse.

Oh, and I need coke too…gotta have my diet coke…cause, yanno…it is sooooooo good for my obese liver.

Anyway…I have to go out in this mess…and since I know prayer works…I’ll leave you with some pics to encourage prayer for me and my McVan and homebound children.


Here is Brian’s truck….sort of.

Here we see Brian’s truck…buried. It was parked here before this snow you can see how deep it is on the tires. UGH!
Here are just some more random pics of the snow….I had to make it quick…it was getting in my shoes and hurting my feet…stoopid snow.

(hope the roof of the shop holds out…ahhh…the joys of having home owner’s insurance…no worries!)

Yeah yeah…it’s pretty….now you come live in the stuff!!!!

Junior *Lurves* the snow…so tasty!!!!

Here we have Junior and Charlie demonstrating what will likely happen to my McVan today when I go out to drive. I’m pretty sure Junior said: “now you will be going along, and you will start to slide and then BAM! T-bone steak!”
Smart ass dog.
(by the way…Charlie was none too pleased with Junior’s demonstration.)

Hope all of you who don’t have snow enjoy my predicament.
Those of you who do…I feel your pain…and I hope you don’t have livestock to feed and a coke habit. (that sounds so naughty doesn’t it???? LOL)

Happy sliding to all!!!!!


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  1. You don’t have to worry about SNOW in OKLAHOMA!!!!! granted we get ICE once a decade that will keep schools closed for over a WEEK but OKLAHOMA is warmer…HOTTER but SNOW…NA

  2. Yeah, she is right! Oh, to be home again! We are going to get it tomorrow…Thurs…and the schools will close. Yikes!!!!! Absolutely love the “demonstration”. 🙂 You are just too funny. But I would like to thank you for sending that storm MY WAY!!! Thanks a bunch


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