How did thirteen happen? He shouldn’t be a teenager yet!!!! I feel like he is just moving so fast. Like my time with this “boy” is flying by.
Before I know it there will be driving, girls, dating, jobs, college (I hope!).


Never mind the fact that I am not nearly old enough to have a teenager.

No way. No how!!!

But no matter how much I want to pretend it isn’t happening, my baby boy is thirteen today.

Thirteen years ago today I got to hold my wrinkly little baby.

I was scared to death…and I still am.

I don’t think that ever changes for a parent does it? We are always scared.
That is what being a parent is about I guess.

I know it won’t get any easier from here on out either.

Happy Birthday baby boy. Hope you have a fantastic day today (I know you will…I know what your present is!) And would ya slow down just a little…please??


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  1. Hey there Clayton!!
    Haaaapy Birthdaaay to yooou, Haapy Birthdaaaay to yooooou, Happy Birrrrthdaaay deeeear CLAAAAAAYTON, Haaaapy Birthday toooooooooooooooYOOOOOOOOOU and Maaaany MOOOOOOORE.
    From OKLAHOMA!!
    Love ya

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