Why do people let their children go over to other people’s houses when they KNOW they are sick?

Not only sick, but contagious?


Clayton’s friend came over to spend the night on Sunday. (no school monday)

The little cretin failed to mention that he had a sore throat and was coughing, sneezing and generally spreading his ickiness to anyone within a 10 mile radius.

Thanks kid.

Clayton stayed home from school yesterday.
M’Kayla looks to be staying home tomorrow and Ricky has tonsils the size of golf balls.

Never mind that I am starting to feel a bit scratchy in the throat area and am getting a headache.

Surely this kids mom noticed the snot blowing, cough having, fever running mess that walked out of her house to come to mine?

Never mind…it’s pointless.


(and yes, I know..this is the second post today….but dang it…I needed to vent!)

So, starting today…new policy at my house.

  • No sick children allowed.
  • If your child comes to “play” or have a “sleep over” and is found to be ill (I was in health care..I know.) Said child will promptly be sent home.
  • If it is discovered that you knowingly sent an ill child to my home, you run the risk of receiving a stern “talking to”, complete with finger pointing and yelling. And forfeit any chance of me ever watching, picking up, dropping off, taking care of, or allowing my children to play with said child again.
  • If my children are ill, I will politely ask your child to leave. I’m not being mean, I just wish to extend the courtesy to you that I should be receiving from you.

Bottom line, friends of my children and their parents, I do not wish to further the cause of any virus and wish that all cold, flu and any other icky bugs stay the heck out of my house!!!!
So if you are sick…go away! And for the love of all that is Holy…keep your kids home if they are sick!!!!


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  1. Hello again,
    I am right there with ya more so at the workplace. I am in the process of recovering from total knee replacement. Went to the Dr. yesterday, said I was doing remarkably well being only 6 weeks out. I went by my work today to let everyone know the outcome of the Dr. visit since he won’t release me for another 2 weeks…8 full weeks off he said…yuck. While I am visiting around, I of course go into MY office with the two other people I work in close proximity, only to find out that one of them is SICK. Even said, “oh you might not want to be around me, my grandson’s babysitter called the other day to have us pick him up since she was throwing up”. She goes on to tell me, the grandson got it, She and her husband got it as well as the grandsons mom…the WHOLE dang house….AND SHE COMES TO WORK!!!??? Someone please explain WHAT sense this makes? I never figured out how making the whole office of three sick and staying home than ONE person calling in sick…hey it’s the school system, new math I guess…

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