I love the internet!


There are so many awesome things out there in cyber space…least of all my glorious blog.

(ok…that was just conceited…sorry)

Anyway. I have been successfully putting off doing any form of house work or chores today and have instead spent my day surfing the intrawebs.
(well, that isn’t entirely true…I have done dishes, laundry and gave a 5 year old a bath)

I just love the plethora of information and entertainment that is available for my viewing/reading/listening pleasure.

If I could hug the internet, I would. But since I can’t, I’ll share some of my favorite finds o’ the day with you!

First, a fantastically funny blog I stumbled onto.
*warning, there are baaaad curse words on this blog…but still, funny. *

It’s called “The Sneeze“…and I happen to think it’s hilarious. The “open letter to my nemesis” darn near made me spit diet coke all over my desk. Truly funny.

Then, there is this photo of Hillary Clinton I found. Have you ever seen the movie “Mars Attacks”?
“Ack ack, ack ack ack! Ack!”

“Ack ack…ack ack…ACK ACK!!!!”

My oh my that is some funny stuff!!!
(sorry if you are a hillary supporter…seriously…sorry.)

And then there is the whole Tom Cruise tapes about Scientology and the pulling of said tapes from the internet.
I won’t go into what I think about scientology other than to say I think they are a bunch of nutters…but I did find this amusing:

And since We scrapbooker’s are a cult ourselves…they chose to put our video up too…gosh, I am so nervous that this will shed a bad light on Scrap booking!!! Oh Noes!!!! *snicker*

So, there ya go…my funnies for the day. Now I’m off to shop for some pretty paper (since my local scrapbooking store has evidentally closed) and check out the sale on Yankee Candles…I lurve Yankee Candles.

Have a good one Y’all!!!


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