Getting serious for the new year.


I know that nearly everyone has new years resolutions.

I normally do as well. None of which do I ever stick to.

But this year…I think I must.

Most of you know that a few months ago I was diagnosed with a “liver condition”.

I was pretty vague about it. Didn’t much want to go into detail really.

But since I decided last night that what I am doing is not working like it should and that basically, if I don’t get my act together and start taking care of myself, I will basically be killing myself, I decided to get real with myself about it and that means getting real with everyone else.

Because I will need help with this.

My life depends on it.

What I have is called:

Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

You can read about it here:

web MD

Basically, it is a build up of fat in the liver.

Years of overeating and being sedentary have finally caught up with me.

And I suspect, though the doctor doesn’t think so, that diabetes may play a role as well.

So, here I sit, looking down the barrel of 32, with a disease that could have been prevented.

I have to change my life if I want to be healthy and be around for awhile longer.

And this is where I need help.

See…I LOVE to eat.
And I love to watch t.v.
And hang out on the computer.

None of these things are going to help me with this.

I need to eat right.

My diet needs to be healthy. I have to really really moderate sugar. Sugar is baaaaaaad for my liver.

I cannot have alcohol. Again. Bad.

I need to eat lean meats.

I need to become one with vegetables.

I need to exercise.

So, here is what I need from all of you:

If you invite me over and have food to eat, and I decline something…please know I am not trying to be rude..I really want to eat it…I just want to continue to breathe more. And please don’t say “oh a little won’t hurt.” because it will hurt…I have very little will power when it comes to food. So please just admire my resolve and congratulate me on my choice to do what is healthy for me.

If you are going out for a walk and don’t want to be lonely…call me and invite me…and if I give you some piss poor excuse about dishes or laundry or being tired…tell me to get up off my fat arse and go walk.
And feel free to use the visual of my liver looking more and more like roseanne barr every day to get me moving.

If you see me starting to falter, call me on it. Remind me that I can’t have cake (even birthday cake) or eat it too.

And please, if you feel like you can, prayer is always a good thing. I certainly need God’s help to get this right!

I appreciate all of the help that my family and friends will give me with this…my one new years resolution…to get healthy.

This is one I have to follow through with.

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  1. It sounds like a whole lifestyle change. I know how difficult that can be, been there done that myself for different reasons. I found a site online that helped me and it was FREE. I urge anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle to go to and check them out. They were the boost I needed last year when I lost the 10 lbs I did in 2007. I still have a ways to go, but it sure was a blessing to find a free weight loss/exercise community that helped me keep track of me.

  2. Hey there Lulu….I will start off by telling you I will add you to my prayer list. I will not lie and tell you I will pray for you everyday because I am struggling with THAT issue myself…but KNOW you will be in my prayers. As for everything else…I wish I COULD invite you over for FOOD or a walk hee hee. My advice is to eat like I have to having had gastric bypass. Limit sugar intake to NO more that 15g a meal THAT is pushing it. Eat something NOT meals but something every 2-3 hours, keeps your metabolism going. Start the day with breakfast, heavy on the protein, 1 egg with a piece of toast with peanut butter..if it’s not too fatty. Remember, I’m thinking protein. I tell ya Chris, I live on stringy head cheese…low fat. one stick has only 2.5 g fat but 9g protein. Also, Oscar Myer has 97% fat free turkey that is delicious. When you want to snack grab a couple of slices. Also, popcorn can be 97% fat free as well. I personally like the kettle corn has a bit of sweetness to it..97% fat free. Chris…YOU can do this!! Set small goals, when you start jumping Honey again you are going to start her out on 3-4 poles. You will start out small, as she masters that again, you will increase it. Do YOU the same way. Do in slow and steady, do your family the same way so you instill GOOD eating habits in them NOW instead of habits they will have to break when they are older. Hang in there….any questions…call me.
    Love ya,

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