Dance, dance….REVOLUTION-shun-shun


Well…that is what it sounds like when the game starts.

Santa brought this lovely game to the kids for Christmas.

Mainly because he knew mommy wanted to try it out and is way too chicken to hop her fat hiney up on one of those things at the arcade.

So we have one now….the game…and two dance mats…and one addicted mama.

I love this game. It is a sickness.

But it may turn out to be a good thing. I can convince myself that I’m playing a video game and in reality I am exercising.

Which happens to be something I [obviously] avoid at all costs.

The kids love it too.

The husband even tried it out. (but don’t tell his macho racer friends that he was dancing on a plastic mat to “le freak”…and never mention the daisy dukes and belly shirts.)

So…I am loving this game.

M’Kayla and I play it for hours.

My ankles ache and my knees are screaming profanity at me.

But I love it.

Notice how it says “stay cool” in the middle of the mat?

I am cool….on that mat anyway….and when I’m not sweating buckets.


This game requires a fair amount of rhythm…which I have plenty of…lemme tell ya…I could bust a move back in tha day!

And I guess my kids have inherited this ability.

Thank the Lord I have passed something relatively useful down to them…because my IQ is far from enviable.

Clayton can kick butt at this game…on “basic” mode. Which, you see, is a step up from where I live on “beginner”.

I live in awe of his fancy footwork.

However, he won’t let me take pics of him anymore unless he is making this face:

So I had to convince someone to let me take pics for this blog.

Imagine my surprise when M’Kayla had no problem volunteering for the position of “supah model”

(makes me wanna roll my eyes a little…she is such a stinker!)

So…here she is….M’Kayla dancing her hiney off!

(please note the shirt that says “drama queen”)

In the above photo…she seems to be trying not to fall….maybe because of this?
Oh my are those jeans too long!!!! But she persists….

Shake whatcha mama gave ya! whoop whoop…go M’Kayla…it’s yer birthday!
We love it…it’s awesome…it’s fun…it’s sort of good for you too.

(Oh..and for the record, I do not beat my pre-teen in the knees and shins….that is what happens to bony boys who choose to sled down hills with “jumps” in them on their knees. )

Now..I am certain that your morbid curiosity has got you wondering where all of the pics of me doing this are at…

Well, I think they are safely tucked away in Amy’s camera. I would like to think that she knows I would be mortified should they get out on the internet…in, oh, say….a place like myspace.

So hopefully, no one will ever see that horrendous sight…my oh-so-large posterior bouncing to the beat of asian techno and La Bamba. (which Jason and ricky both call “Ba Lamba”…it is so cute!)

Not a good thing to see.

It’d be like watching Mrs. Duggar give birth again… #18.
(that is which number she is on isn’t it???)

It’d be like watching “dubbya” give a speech.
(he needs to fire his speech writers..seriously)

It’d be like seeing Brian in daisy dukes and a belly shirt.
(oops…wasn’t supposed to mention that)

Anyway…not good.

Give me a few months to sweat my rear off dancing on a plastic mat and I’ll take some shots when I’m not so large.

Then I will show you my skillz…I have mad skillz.

Until next time!!!!


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