Where to start.


Would you believe I have three drafts waiting for me to post on this thing?

I just cannot seem to get my brain to wrap around everything that has gone on in the past few weeks long enough to get it typed and uploaded.

So where to start??


It was lovely.

We started our holiday at the in-laws house o
n Christmas eve.

My father-in-law made a wonderful dinner…with the exception of his deviled eggs.
Pops….back away from the vinegar…seriously.

(we love ya anyway…but really…no vinegar.)

We had a really nice time and the kids got tons of stuff…way too much to mention really.
So much that I’m honestly fuzzy about the details…

But I am completely clear on what I got.

  • the bestest CD I ever got…newsboys greatest hits…from my sister in law. AWESOME gift. Now if only I could stop singing about vegetarians BBQ-ing hamsters and being vomited up by giant whales..
  • a gift card to Kits Camera…again from the sister in law…again…AWESOME.
  • a really nice set of pots and pans from the in-laws. I love em!

Brian got some stuff too…but I was too busy drooling over that gift card and CD to pay attention.
It was, however, hilarious when my father-in-law grabbed the gift we got for my brother-in-law to hand it too him and made some comment about it being heavy and someone else said something about a bb gun and my niece says “you’ll shoot your eye out!”

Can you guess what we got him??

Oh yes we did.

An official daisy (no red ryder’s…bummer) BB gun!

It was priceless…they had no clue what it was.
And totally nailed it.

Oh…and then my mother-in-law opened the computer we got her…and cried…and said “whoo hoo!” and “oh no you DIDN’T!”

It was fantastic.

Wish I had some fantastic pics to share of that night..but I really don’t.

My camera takes awful pics at night in the dark indoors…no matter what setting I put it on.

Which makes me hardly unable to contain the excitement I feel when I see the kits camera gift card…drooooool.

So..we move on…to Christmas day!

It was great! We got up extra early to let the kids open gifts before guests started showing up. I think my alarm went off at 6am.
But it was worth it to catch my sleepy, grumpy, pre-teen coming down the stairs first thing in the morning:

He, quite obviously, was none too pleased with his mommy! And man do I need to take some wood polish to that hand rail…ICK!

So…anyway….the kids get up and plop in front of the tree..all except the pre-teen who was too “big” to sit on the floor…he had to sit on the sofa…so charlie took his place this year:

(sorry for the awful, blurry photo…I was walking and talking and taking a pic all at the same time…)

So we hand out the gifts and the kid go to making short work of the wrapping job it took me three days to do….it was awesome!

So we get that all cleaned up and get dressed and ready for visitors.
Folks start showing up and bringing food…lots and lots of food.
Tons of yummy goodies.

Honest to goodness cinnabon rolls, a yummy spinach artichoke calzone thingie, salads, rolls, ham, sausage, bacon, three different quiche’s…ahhh it was awesome!!!

Oh, and I cannot leave out the homemade white and raisin bread that Brian made…YUM-O!

So, we all ate till I thought we might burst:
dontcha just love my uber retro dining room set???

Kinda makes one want to break out the leisure suits and platform shoes.

I was tempted, but decided against it…besides…”stayin alive” isn’t really a Christmas album now is it?

Anyway…back to the festivities…
After we ate, we got down to the business of opening gifts. The kids, of course, were front and center.
And as usual, Uncle Jimmy got to play “santa” and pass out the presents to their ever-drooling recipients.
That’s uncle Jimmy there in the maroon sweatshirt, reaching for what appears to be a cup-o-orange juice…I happen to know, however, that there is more to that juice than meets the eye! (this must be how he manages to remain so jolly during the gift passing out part of the holiday teeheehee)

Jason, M’Kayla, Rick (he dropped the “Y”) and Travis are making short work of some presents that are obviously in desperate need of opening.

Dick appears to be lecturing Rob on the dangers of sitting ones bum too close to the fire place, and Kim looks to be bored.

Here, we see that Travis has managed to wrangle his gift out of the paper and is happily playing.

Rick (no “Y”) is still struggling to break through.

Rob now seems to be showing Dick how to make the fire much bigger by the addition of dye infused wrapping paper, which M’Kayla now seems to be observing, thereby ignoring her presents.

Kim appears to still be bored.

Now, in this photo, it seems that things have shifted a bit. Here we appear to have Dick preparing to take Lee to task for his use of a “girly” zebra striped, hot pink coffee mug.

Kim appears to have a Labrador hair caught in her throat. (I feel your pain Kim…it’s awful isn’t it?)

Neen looks to be powering up the laser eyes to Zap Dick should he make a move for Lee’s coffee cup. (note to self…red eye reduction mode is a goooood thing.)

And Barb just looks happy to be there.

Now…in this next photo, we see that something magical has happened! Santa and Mrs. Claus have arrived!!!!
You can clearly see that Jimmy is just over the top excited that he can sit down and leave the gift giving out to the man in red….party on Jimmy!!!!
I think those little kids’ heads snapped toward the door so hard that a couple of them got whiplash.
And Eric looks to be a bit perturbed at having to move out of his chair to let Mr. Jolly and red in the house…Is that a fist he’s making?? Doesn’t he know that punching Santa will result in forever being exiled to the “naughty” list???!!!
Don’t do it Eric!!!

Oh good…he didn’t punch him….santa saw it coming and blocked it! PHEW!

Oh…and M’Kayla, no matter how big you smile at Santa…you still won’t get extra gifts…

Hey…just when did Santa start shopping at Williams Sonoma?


The kids each got their turn with the big man…and they loved it!

It was fantastic…the kids just loved it…and so did the grown ups!!! I certainly hope that Santa will make another visit to our house someday!!!!

Christmas was awesome this year.

I sure wish that my family could have come…but I completely understand why no one did.

Maybe next year!!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas…I’ll be back to post about new year’s later…I have to confiscate some photos from Amy…..


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