anything at all…


So there is this thread on two peas today asking what you would ask for if you could have anything you want..aside from world peace and family harmony…..if money were no object. What would you wish for???

Here is my list:

1. A 200 acre ranch in Montana. I don’t know why, but Montana just calls to me. I feel a pull to that place. And though I know it’s only a dream, I’d love to live there while I’m still young enough to saddle a horse and go galloping through the wide open spaces.

2. My camera. dagnabbit. I really want that thing.

3. An interior designer to help me decorate and design my log home to go on my ranch in Montana.

4. A 2008 Ford F-350 crew cab dually…diesel. White with lots of chrome.

5. an alaskan cruise…with my hubby…no kids. Though I might have to
work up some courage for this one…I saw titanic…I know that ice+ships=bad.

6. A whole stable of beautiful appaloosa horses.

I think that’s about it.

I’m pretty easy to please huh!

As silly as it sounds, it’s fun to dream. I think our dreams and aspirations are what keep us going.
I may never realize any of these things.
(except the camera…I will have that.)

I may always only have what I have right now…which is wonderful….I have been so blessed.

But I do like to dream.

We all need to dream now and then.

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