Just what do you call that stuff???


Is it snow? Is it rain? is it sleet?

All I know is it’s a weird bunch of stuff falling from the sky that is guaranteeing that the trip to pick up the kidlets from school will be an adventure.

I’ll call it “ranoweet”

That’ll work.

Anyway, it’s coming down out there.

I guess I’ll get my wish of having a white Christmas!

See…all of Brian’s family is coming to my house. And see, we have these three dogs…two of which are labradors…and they leave big ol’…well….stuff in the yard.

And it just does not scream “my home is warm and inviting, please come in and have a cup o’ cider and warm yourself by the fire” when there are dog bombs all over the yard…

It’s icky.

So I have been praying for snow.

Snow that will make my yard look pristine and white…and oh so Christmas-y!

Speaking of Christmas…things are starting to get rolling around here.

I nearly have my menu planned.

My list of gifts to be bought is sitting here in front of me and there is only one name on it that has nothing written by it.

(just why do I always get the hard to buy for folks??? HUH???? No, uncle Jimmy does NOT want another sweatshirt…but what do I get him????? UGH!)

My cards have the photos in them and are sitting in the mailbox, just waiting for Mr. Postman to pick them up and shuffle them off to their various destinations.

My tree is up (see previous post), my mantle is decorated, I even made a wreath for my front door out of the trimmed branches from the tree.

Oh yes, I can in fact channel martha stewart when I try!!!

Not too bad for my first ever attempt at making a wreath huh?

(and there are no bows on it on purpose…I’m going for the woodland look thank you)

We have also done a ton of baking.

Brian had his grandma come over to teach him how to make bread…homemade bread.
And sugar cookies.
And chocolate covered peanut butter balls. (all of which I ate…much to the chagrin of my obese liver.)
And peanut clusters.
And homemade raisin bread.

Oh it was so delicious in my house that day!

What? you wanna see pics??? Of course I have some!!!

“Ahem, so would it be possible for us to lick the bowl when you are done?”

Ricky: “wow dad! That is so cool how it mixes it! It goes really fast!”
M’Kayla (thinking to herself) “I wonder how fast it would mix your fat head into the batter if I gave you a quick shove you pipsqueak.”

Mmmmmmm….sugar coooookies….gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I am fairly certain she started licking the bowl a little too early.

“Um, dude…we aren’t sure who the heck told you that chocolate was bad for Labradors…but they were seriously lying…I mean..look at charlie…he is a chocolate lab. Seriously…give us some.”

Mmmmmm….fresh, warm, home made raisin bread.

And yes, I made sure I wrote down everything. I will be making this again. And again.

Man alive is it good!

It was a fun day. We had a good time and Grandma Husk got to spend some time with our kids. Which she doesn’t get to do often.
They made some memories that day.

And If there is one thing I have learned recently…it is that memories are precious…and should be treasured.

And now, the “Ranoweet” has turned all the way to snow.

No, wait…it’s rain again.

darn it.

Oh well…I’m off to search for ways to remove icky dog smells from furniture and go get things ready for dinner tonight…it’s Pioneer Woman’s lasagna tonight!!!!

I lurve the intranets.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!


I wanted to thank some folks… LaSondra and Rodger, thank you for the card…that was so very nice of you.

Amy, thank you for not thinking I was a freak when I cried in church.

Rob, thank you for not freaking out when I cried in church, especially since Amy hadn’t told you why I might be crying until after the fact.

Brian, thank you for being my rock. I love you man.

Chelsea, thank you for wearing a santa hat this morning….it really cheered me up to be able to tell Ricky to come downstairs cause santa was here. *giggle*

Junior and Charlie…thank you for being dogs…and for making me laugh.


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  1. You? The Freak? *I* was the one bawling my head off, simply because my Sister-in-law was upset. Really. *grin*

    I love you. I hope that it is getting better.

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