meanies and letting the dogs out


I feel icky today.

Darn you Eve!!! Why did you have to eat that apple??? And who listens to a snake anyway..I mean seriously..what were you smoking woman???

Anyway…I feel icky.

But I do love the dollar store. I had to go there today. That place is the debil.

I can’t wait to go back on Friday…when I have money.

Brian gave me the “look” when I told him that today.

“but honey…everything is only a dooooolar!!!”

(yes..I pulled out the eye-batting-pouty-whine for this one)

He mumbled something about every dollar adding up as I dreamed of $1.00 wrapping paper and tape and big red bows for my ghetto-fabulous holiday decor.

It will rock.

Anyway…my sister-in-law is mean.

She showed me a kick-ass deal on the camera I want…that is right down the road from me at the mall (gasp…did she say the mall???)
But the deal is only good for this week.

And yes, I could go get it…but I would then not be able to get

  1. groceries
  2. christmas presents for anyone else
  3. dog food
  4. horse food
  5. pay car payment
  6. school lunch money (ok, I could probably swing this one)
  7. toilet paper.

It would be a very lean week for all involved.

And messy. (the no toilet paper thing just won’t work…sorry..gotta squeeze me some charmin)

And I am certain that my hubby would make me take it back.

dang it.


Since she did tell me that this is a good place for good deals on good cameras and I was planning on getting a good one after the new year because Brian volunteered me to photograph a friends wedding next summer which made my little ears perk up and made me give him that look that he knows means I’m getting a new camera and he didn’t disagree so that means yes and they will probably have awesome new year deals at this camera place I guess I can’t really say she is mean now can I?

At least not for that anyway *snicker*

And how about that wonderful run-on sentence I just typed! That is something isn’t it???

Oklahoma education at it’s finest right there folks!

So…here I sit, waiting to go pick M’Kayla up from girl scouts. (which is a whole nuther post…trust me) And I have to share with you the height of boredom.

This is what happens when fat-ish housewives are bored and are avoiding the dishes….

Check it out…make him your friend…shake your head in disgust that I have so much time on my hands….laugh at the fact that this is so very much what he would have put on it if his little paws could type.

Have a fun day everyone!!!!


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