My Christmas list.


I’m taking a break from the “Christmas stress” series I was going to do.

I’m making a Christmas list for me.

I have not made a list for me in a long time.

Like, not since I had Clayton darn near 13 years ago.

(wow…thirteen? really? ahh, that’s another post.)

So, dear Santa, here is my list:

1. I want this:

Oh yes, this little number will do just fine. It is the Canon digital rebel Xti. 10.1 mp. I have done my research. I was torn between two cameras. I have made up my mind. This one I want.
And to go with it? Oh, I dunno..a nice lens, some awesome photo editing software for my puter and a sweet case…that would round it out nicely! ( I was totally going to go with the Nikon…but then I noticed a price difference…and that always helps sway ones opinion doesn’t it?)

2. see number one.

3. A nice gift certificate to Lowe’s. They have my dishwasher there. They have the cabinet I need to install it. They have the sink I want for my bathroom. They also have the light fixture I want for my kitchen. And a bazillion other things I could use.

4. Dance dance revolution for the PS2. Don’t look at me like that. Yes I want it. It looks fun. And am I not allowed to want fun things? Just because I’m a fat-ish (ok, fat) 30 something doesn’t mean I can’t have fun dancing on a plastic mat in my living room to some Asian techno !

5. Photography classes to go with numbers 1 and 2.

6. The courage to actually pursue a nursing degree. I keep trying to talk myself out of it. Not sure why. I guess this one needs more prayer.

7. A years worth of gas for my van. I am disgusted with Oil companies. They are just like the electric company. “think you need more money Mr. Oil company?? How about you trim the salary of some of the CEO’s…there’s a start!” But I won’t go any further into that one.

8. A way to make sugar free stuff taste good. Seriously. Help a girl out here!

9. Something really great for my hubby. Oh wait…he got that already…ME!!! (and that uber cool race car that is sitting in the shop)

10. Someone to leave me a comment on my myspace page.
I. am. such. a. loser.

11. This one is the most important. I didn’t put it first though, because usually the last thing you read is the one you remember.
Santa, I want my uncle to get well.
I want him to be ok.
I want my Grandma to not forget me. And to not be so uptight and nervous all the time.
I want things to stop moving so fast. How can it be that we are quickly approaching 2008? How can it be that my son, my baby is going to be a teenager? How can it be that my niece will be driving soon? How did I ever get to this place in my life???
Santa, can you make it all go just a little slower for me? Some days I just can’t keep up. And I don’t want to miss anything.

Now I know you can’t work miracles santa…you are, after all, just a chubby man in a red suit that employs tons of elves and flies around in a sleigh pulled by magically flying reindeer. But if any of this is within your realm of expertise, do ya think you might be able to give it a try for me? Especially that last one…that one would be the best.
Thanks Santa.


Merry Christmas everyone.


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  1. Thanks for that . . the whole niece driving thing. That is what I needed to read this morning. Here is something I found out . . . If you buy your camera at Kits Camera in the mall, (I hear ya, “at the mall!!” you shout. My camera package: $50 less “at the mall”, than at Costco. Yeah that felt good.) you get classes and a free printer. So be sure to look into that.

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