The prayer of a five year old.


There are tons of things that my kids do that make me weepy.

I think that is just part of being a mom. They do things that are cute, or accomplish something in their lives you alway hoped for and you get weepy.

But I am not a weepy my kids usually have to do something pretty good to get me to leak a tear.

Ricky did that last night.

I told the kids it was time to go to bed and they headed upstairs. I went up to tuck them in and went in, like every night and tucked M’Kayla first. She said her prayers, prayed for her family and her friends, thanked God for her blessings.

I kissed her goodnight and left the room.

Then I went into Ricky’s room…and this is what happened next:

Me: Ricky, time for sleeps and prayers, into bed you go!

Ricky: (jumps into bed and covers up) Ok mommy…I’m ready for prers.
(for some reason he can’t say prayers right LOL…I think it’s cute!)

Me: now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, guide me safely through the night and wake me with the morning light.

Ricky: God, please bless my family. God, please watch over daddy and bring him home safe to me, God, thank you for hotwheels and please get me more. God, thank you for trains, and please get me more. And God, please let uncle Mikey have one more life before he comes to heaven, because we love him. Amen.

Seriously folks…did you read that??? “please let uncle Mikey have one more life”

I know…there are things I need to address with my son about how we only have one life…we aren’t like video games…but still…is that not the sweetest most wonderful most faithful prayer you have ever heard???!!!!

I kissed his little head, silently thanked God for him…again, and quickly went down I could leak without him knowing.

He sure is a special little guy. And I hope like everything he never loses his total faith in God.

Maybe we should all pray like a five year old now and then.


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  1. What a wonderful sweet little prayer that great little guy said. I, too, hope God gives Mikey “one more life”. Must say, didn’t even make it past that part before the tears flowed. He is truly a special little man! Hug him tight for us. (and the other 2also, cuz they are special too!) You know, he never ceases to amaze me. Wise beyond his years, but still so innocent!

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