A saddle in her room.


Yesterday afternoon there was just nothing on the t.v.

Brian was rolling through the guide when I noticed a horse show was on.

Me: Oh lookie! A horse show!

Brian: *grumble* scrolls right past it to speed channel.

Me: scuse me…there was a HORSE show on.

Brian: Oh! sorry!

Me: *grumble growl snort*

So he turns the show on and sis and I sit and watch.

We watch big grey horses jump over huge jumps.

We watch a big, black horse make it look easy.

I watch a match strike a fuse and a fire explode in a little girl.


M’Kayla: Mom, those guys sure do jump high jumps! It looks scary!

Me: It is kinda at first…but it’s fun too!

M’Kayla: I’m not so sure about that. Can Honey do that?

Me: Yep, she sure can.

M’Kayla: mom, did you used to jump in shows?

Me: nope, I mostly barrel raced.

M’Kayla: what is barrel racing????

Now at this point, I realize that I have failed as a parent. So I feel the need to fix this sad situation and re-visit the previously posted on this blog video of a little appy chasing cans.

She was transfixed.

M’Kayla: Mom…I want to DO that!

Me: *nearly in tears* Ok, well…then that changes all of your christmas presents this year.

M’Kayla: what do you mean?

Me: well, you will need a lot of gear.

M’Kayla: does this mean I can get pink cowgirl boots????!!!!!! And that pink saddle they have at the big R?

(*snicker…she calls it “the big R” too…I love to teach my kids hick-speak)

Me: Well…probably not the saddle…but we might be able to work in the boots.

M’Kayla: but mom…I NEED a saddle to barrel race!

Me: well, you can have the one in the basement.

That was the last I saw of her…the chair was still spinning for a good 2 minutes after she sped to the basement and conned her big brother into lugging the saddle and stand up to her room.

Where it now proudly sits in the corner right next to her bed.

So…I guess now I am off to shop for some gear for my daughter.

And I’m going to try to figure out how to turn my 16 hand english jumping horse into a barrel horse.

This. is. going. to. be. fun.

I think these just scream “M’Kayla”

They would go perfect with this:

I could go on and on with this!

All I know is that I cannot wait to go shopping for her this year.

And I cannot believe there is a saddle in her room.


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  1. Oh,be still my heart. Another little cowgirl in the family. Teach her well Sweetheart! Teach her well. As for teaching Honey to become a barrel horse…not a prob, Bob! She would do ANYTHING for you…as long as you feed her of course! 🙂 I think it is SO cool that she has that saddle in her room. I sincerely hope she keeps that DREAM, and follows through. Oh, by the way, LOVE thos boots!!!!! And the saddle, well it is just DAHLING!!!!!!!! Send me the info on them. KWIM? Love You!

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