I sure do miss it sometimes.


I was bored tonight.

Boredom can lead to weird searches on http://www.youtube.com .

I searched “barrel racing”

I do so miss it some days.

Days like today…when I don’t feel every bit of my 31 years old.

Days when I think to myself “wow, my kids are finally old enough that I can ride again!”

Days when I wonder what ever happened to that girl who used to ride a spotted pony with a broom tail and kick butt at the shows.

So I searched.

and I found this.


Remember that horse? This isn’t him…but man oh man did I think that for just a second I had found my willy.

When I get to heaven…I know I will see a ton of people. And there will be a ton of pets too..But I do so hope that my willard is one of the first I get to wrap my arms around!

And maybe…we can chase a few cans again.


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  1. A Girl
    There was a girl, I once knew
    Who dreamed of horses and all they’d do.
    School was tough, that was true,
    If anyone could, SHE’D pull it through.
    She talked of horses running free,
    on the farm she’d get with her degree.
    Her friends and family cheered with glee,
    as she pursued so faithfully.
    But another page was to turn,
    for love had caused her heart to burn.
    There’s yet so much for one to learn,
    Those dreams for sure, she’ll always yearn.
    There was a girl, I once knew,
    Who dreamed of horses and all they’d do.
    This girl turned out to be one AWESOME young woman, wife, and mother….Love ya Libbie

  2. This caused me to think back to a wonderful time in your life. I am so proud of you. So very proud. I was CERTAIN that that horse was Willie. Glad you could re-live a happy time. Love you, Mom

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