That just makes my blood boil!


I got a “bulletin” from our school district today that was sent home with M’Kayla.

It is from the wonderful folks at district 81 schools here in spokane.

I am officially mad at them.

This “politically correct” bs has gone too far.

See…this bulletin has a section called “important dates” down the side.

This is what is listed:

Dec. 5-12 Hanukkah
Dec. 10 Human rights day
Dec. 19-Jan 1 Winter break
Dec. 20 Eid alAdha
Dec. 22 first day of winter
Dec. 26- Jan. 1 Kwanzaa

Notice anything missing??? Anything at all??

Oh yes…that’s right. That little holiday I like to call CHRISTMAS!!!!

I simply cannot believe that they didn’t include it. Oh wait. Yes I can.

Clayton is in art. He told me the other day that
they are doing a “holiday card” art project.
He is not allowed to put anything related to Christmas on HIS card. HIS project. that should portray HIS personal beliefs.
It can’t even have a Christmas tree on it or say “merry Christmas”

Even though this is the religion HE practices.

I bet if we were Jewish he could put a menorah on his card.
Bet if we were Muslim he could put a picture of the Koran on it.
Or if we celebrated Kwanzaa he could color it red, black and green and put a Kinara on it.

Bet there wouldn’t be any fussing at that now would there?

Anyway, back to my point. I am just shocked to see that the school district would take so many measures to almost ensure that they offend Christians.

No more singing Christmas carols in the school program (but songs from those other religions are ok…yeah..that’s right.)

No more including Christmas in your…well…christmas projects. (simply stupid if you ask me)

I am so sick of people being so worried about offending someone that they completely ignore the fact that they are offending the largest group of folks. And I don’t mean that to be snarky at all. The fact is, Christianity is the largest religion in this country.

Now don’t get me wrong…I completely believe that everyone in this (supposedly) free country should be allowed to worship and celebrate as they choose.
And I firmly believe that we can all get along during the holidays. We can incorporate every religion into our holiday programs.
We can let the jewish kids make jewish art projects.
We can let the muslim kids make muslim art projects.
We can let the african american kids make Kwanzaa projects.
And we can darn well let the CHRISTIAN kids make CHRISTIAN projects!

It just makes me so sad.
And just how do I explain to my children that because they don’t want to “offend” anyone (heaven forbid someone be offended these days…they might just have to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them…poor wittle babies!) the schools are going to censor our religion.

Our pastor said last sunday that God is under attack….he was so right about that one.

District 81, you are all a bunch of idiots.

And thanks for offending ME and MY family while trying not to offend everyone else.


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  1. Christie I’m right there with ya gal!!! You DO know what this means don’t cha?? You need to load up that thar family of yarn and move BACK to Oklahoma….whar ya belong!! We STILL say Merry Christmas, we even PRAY at our school board employee luncheons!! Come ON down!!! By the way, it ISN’T snowing either…was about 59 today. Love it love it. Love you tooo,

  2. How horribly sad. There is a campaign going on the radio station here. They run a commercial every so often that offers buttons and bumper stickers that say “It’s alright to say Merry Christmas to me.” How sad that we even have to resort to letting people know. The Grinch really has run rampant in this country.

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