Pictures from da hillz.


Here are the pics I got today while Ricky and M’Kayla were sledding. (Clayton was at a creative drawing class..I’ll have to catch him next time)

My only complaint? I sure do miss my photo editing software. But they aren’t too bad I guess.

Enjoy our winter wonderland!

Here are the kiddos, all bundled up and ready for the sledding to begin!

And Ricky is quite the boarder!
And handsome too I might add! (FINALLY he lets me take his picture! SA-WEET!)

And this one? This one gets locked in the basement with a chastity belt until she is 30. I mean it. (consequently, this is the look she gives daddy when she wants something…works like a charm…on him. Me? I’m wise to her ways.)

Oh my, all that attitude! And just what is the deal with the sideways “peace” thingie? I guess all the kids are doin it these days. Whatever. Maybe she’ll let me be her bff. *snort*
It was fun while it lasted, but when the sun starts going down, it is time to go. I have to say, I complain about the snow a lot..but it is truly beautiful.
Happy winter ya’ll!
(yes, yes. I am channeling my inner Paula Deen..she is my hero. Anyone got some buttah?)


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