I’m trying. really I am.


I’m trying to have a good day. Why people insist on ruining it for me I don’t know.

I’ll just have to chalk it up to them having nothing better to do with their sad little lives.

But I’m not going to dwell on the bad stuff. I’m going to jump into the good stuff with both feet and enjoy the hell out of this beautiful winter day.

So….here is today’s “good stuff” so far…

  • The sun is out and shining! And I have to say, I just love it when there is snow on the ground and the sun is shining.
  • There have been police officers at the neighbor’s house off and on all day. I hope they arrest him. I mean, that hair color has GOT to be a crime somewhere. (seriously, I’ll have to find some way to sneak a pic of him to show ya’ll…it’s just horrible! ) Somewhere in this great country there have got to be some laws on the books that prevent people from walking around looking like a Q-tip covered in earwax. UGH!
  • My other neighbor has a 4-wheeler with a plow on the front that is just the right size for the sidewalk..no more shoveling for me!!! I *heart* you John..you ROCK!
  • My kitchen is clean. ahhhhhh…isn’t that nice? Well, it’ll be clean until I make dinner anyway. I’ll be sure to enjoy it while it lasts.
  • My friend just called me and has made it safely to Montana…now they only have to make it to Georgia…dangit Leslie…I’m gonna miss ya girlie!!!
  • I was a good girl for lunch and had a turkey wrap with whole grain chips. And I’m full!
  • I sewed up the seams in the couch cushions that were coming undone. Now the kids can’t pull the stuffing out and make it “snow indoors” HOORAY!
  • I am now going to stop blogging and go put the sleds and snowboards into the McVan and go get my kiddies from school and take them to the park to go sledding. And I’m taking my camera…you guessed it…that means pictures tomorrow!!!

Have a fantastic day everyone!

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