dead things in the garage


You think I’m kidding right???

Well guess what.


There is currently something dead hanging in my garage.

Now don’t go calling the cops on me. It’s all legit. (2 legit to quit to be precise)

there is a dead deer in my garage.
Hanging there.
It’s really a little creepy.

So I’m not going in there.

Brian sure is proud of himself though. He went out hunting over the weekend and got himself a doe.


(doesn’t the poor thing just look pitiful? Like it’s saying “dude, shooting me wasn’t enough? you have to pull my ear too? gheesh!”)

In other news at the house of H, the first snowfall of the winter has hit. It never ceases to amaze me how completely stupid grown people are when you toss em’ in a car and sprinkle some slick stuff on the roads.
I just have to sit and watch the news and laugh.
It’s nearly become a tradition for me…it snows…I stay home…I watch the idiots slide on the news…I laugh.
What a merry start to my holiday season!!!
(but just to be safe, I made sure I paid my insurance premium today)

Also, I am sad.

My friend is moving.

I finally made a friend, all on my own. And she is moving.
Her hubby is in the service and they are moving to Georgia. Seems all of my friends are in Georgia. (you know who you are)
It’s just not fair.

But as sad as I am for me..I’m even more sad for M’Kayla.
My friend’s daughter is her bestest friend….ever.
And she is moving away.
Poor M’Kayla has been crying all night.
I sure hope someday they can meet up again. Keep in touch over the years. Have one of those friendships that transcend the miles between them.
Leslie, Jorge, Alexia and Caden…we will miss you!!!! Be safe and keep in touch!

(and no, the girls weren’t in some play celebrating the 80’s headband look..this was for crazy hair day at awana LOL!)

As for everything else…I have nothing interesting to add. Just the same ol’ same ol’.
Now..those dishes aren’t going to do themselves so I must go.
(stoopid dishes)

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