getting ready for the man in red!


I’m hosting Christmas this year. I think I decided to do that so I could invite my family to my house for the holidays.

I say I think because I can’t remember. I’ve slept since then and have gotten no RSVP’s from my family LOL! (they all have good reasons not to come I can forgive them…this time)

Anyway, I am hosting the holly-jolly-ho-ho-ho-holiday at my house this year. Which requires some preparation.


So I started today, the day after turkey day. I never think about Christmas this early. But when you are hosting, it is a must that you plan ahead.

So I am in planning mode.

I am humming holiday hymns.

I am seeing in shades of red and green.

I am being nice to all of the idiots out shopping whom I’d prefer to just run into with my shopping cart.

I am all about the season.

Problem is I have no idea where to start. (Yes, cleaning my house would be a good start, but what fun is that?)

I think a list is in order…yes, a to-do list…that would help!!!

I know I’ll just lose it though.

Hey! I know! I can post it here and bore all of you to death and that way I’ll have it!!!!


Ok…here goes.

  1. do something about that front porch. It looks just awful. very “hillyard”. I swear, just stick a couch out there and an “I love dale earnheart” and “Lil’ E is my man” flag in each living room window and the look will be complete. (don’t look at me like know I love my NASCAR) Problem is, I am not exactly going for that look…I’m thinking more along the lines of the pottery barn catalog ( *snort*) Hey…a girl can dream right?
  2. paint the living room. White is so….well….white The only problem is, just what color do I paint it??? Hmmmmmm…..I’ll have to think on that one for awhile.
  3. Come up with a nice looking way to decorate the mantle. I really want my house to be warm and cozy and inviting when you come in…yanno, so the smell of wet labrador doesn’t send my guests running for the hills.
  4. put up fencing to keep the dogs in the back. I have some rather fragile folks coming over and nothing keeps on giving like the gift of a fractured pelvis caused by a 100 pound labrador knocking you on your ass at Christmas. And while I’m sure a trip to the E.R. via ambulance would be truly exciting, I’m thinking we should avoid that for the elders in the family. So I need a fence. Where is that man of mine???? Oh yeah….out killing things.
  5. Get things ORGANIZED. I am so tired of the clutter. Time to pull out the ol’ “If we havn’t used it in 6 months, we don’t need it” rule again. So long clutter!
  6. Find a coat rack. I either need one of those little dealies with the hooks, or a “tree” one…I’d prefer a “tree” one…wood too. But at this point, plastic hooks might have to do.
  7. find dressers for my kids. M’Kayla and Clayton both need a place to put their clothes. Just a little five drawer chest will do. Anything will be better than the laundry baskets in the laundry room.
  8. Find some nice linens for the bathroom…maybe something with snowmen on them LOL. Oh wait! They have a great snowman toilet seat cover at home depot!!! HA! I’m all over that one LOL!!!!
  9. decide what to cook…it’ll be a brunch thing…I never know what to cook. Although evidentally my apple pies and cranberry salad (thanks granny!) would be enough for all!
  10. Have a merry, stress free holiday.
  11. Remember, above all else, what the holiday is about. The birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If I keep that first, everything else will be just fine.

Happy start of the season to all of you!!!!


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  1. Christie Loo Loo, I just LOOOVE your blog. I look forward to reading it right before I go to bed. Most of the time it puts a grin on my face and a smile in my heart. I’m thinkin….daaang she’s grown up to be quite the young lady!
    You need to watch some of those “house” shows late at night. Flip that house, things to do to a house to make it sell. Of course you don’t have to SELL but they have some pretty good ideas. Sounds like you have you list ready to go….I REALLY like # 11.
    Love ya kid,

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