Not that a single person even checks this thing anymore.

I finally caved and went and bought a cheapie computer tower today.

Just to let you know why I have been gone for so long…well…it’s a long story.

Remember the old land lady and the leaky roof that she wouldn’t fix???

Well, turns out that there was moisture getting into my old puter tower.

And we all know that moisture is baaaad for puters.

Well, when we finally got into our well sealed-non-leaking house, the computer dried out.
Which resulted in a corroded hard drive.

Thank goodness our friend was able to get my pics off of there!!! I’d have cried had I lost my pics.

Anyway…I am back and there is TONS to talk about.

But for right now, I’m off on a journey to find the disk for my camera so I can get the 6 months worth of pics off of it!!!!

(and to find a disk to back them up on…lesson learned!!!)


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