Won’t you (not) be my neighbor?


I think I may have mentioned before that I am not crazy about the dude who lives in the upstairs apartment next door.

I think I may have mentioned him using his weed eater *over* my fence to cut my grass to nubs to “make it look better”.

I think I may have mentioned how his idiot dog used to try to bite everyone who breathed on the block, including the mailman and UPS guy….not to mention several kids.

I may have mentioned how he seems to have issues with boundaries. He seems to have none. He seems to feel like he can do what he wants where he wants and when he wants.

I may have mentioned that I have *issues* with this guy.

Now I have more.

I try really hard to be neighborly.
I mind my business.
I say “Hi” to folks when I see them.
I keep my kids, pets, and belongings in my yard.
I try to keep my yard looking nice and keep things picked up.
I don’t play my music loud.

I think I am a good neighbor.

I think I may not be such a good neighbor anymore….

Last night I was out watering my non-grass…trying to get it to become “some-grass” when the lady in the downstairs apartment (we’ll call her the “manager”) pointed out to me that her toy poodle puppy has been digging to get under our fence…right where the upstairs neighbor (We’ll call him “nosey nelly”) dug out a HUMOFOLOUS tree stump….right under one of OUR fence posts.

So she asks me…”If rosey were to get over there with junior, do you think he would hurt her?”

I said: “I honestly do not know. He is a dog and I cannot tell you for certain what he will and will not do. He may play with her, he may eat her…I have no way to tell for sure.”

To which “nosey nelly” says: “Oh he won’t hurt her, Missy (his schnauzer puppy) was just over there the other day and he didn’t hurt her.”

I said “WHAT????!!!!! Your dog was in my yard with my dogs????!!!!”

He said “yeah *giggle* she dug under the fence and I had to come get her out…they were just playing *giggle*”

*at this point, I’m not sure WHAT to say to the idiot.*

I say: ” That needs to stop yesterday. I cannot have that happening. If your dog comes over here and Junior attacks it, I will have to have HIM euthanized! I REFUSE to have my dog put to sleep because you can’t keep yours in your yard! We have got to figure something out to keep your little dogs from digging under the fence, and we need to figure it out now. That is completely not acceptable for me.”

the manager looks at him and says: “I want rosey kept in the back…I don’t want her out here anymore!” (he keeps her puppy during the day when she is gone)

He says: “It’s no big deal, they just play together…”

I say: “it IS a big deal if I end up having to put my dog down because of it, it is your job to keep your dogs in your yard…not mine. I do NOT want them over here!”

So…today I am looking into fence poles to block my dogs into the back of our property so should his little rat dogs get over here they will be safe from becoming scooby snacks for scooby dumb.

I have to say I am a little more than pissed that I have to cut my dogs area in more than half because of this. That is not fair to my dogs.
But if there is one thing I have learned from living in the city…it is CYA…cover your ass!

I won’t even go into how he told me that he made his indoor female cat come outside and tossed her at the neighborhood tom cats because he “just wants to see her have one litter of kittens”.


If you want to see kittens…go hang out in the shelter and help them euthanize the hundreds of unwanted ones that come in daily.

What a miserable waste of DNA.

I wish it were legal to shoot stupid humans.


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  1. Chris…you should take some pictures of said “area” to keep on record. You should also call your local animal shelter and have an office come out and SEE for himself what is going on and what the neighbors dog is doing. Get the right people involved to CYA. Explain that you don’t feel it’s right to punish YOUR dog/s because the idiot next dog can’t control his. I’d call them Monday morning. don’t do anything til they come inspect what is going on…that’s my 2 cents and I’m stickin too it 🙂
    Love ya,

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