I’m goin home…


Since I finally caved and told my mom, I can talk all about it here!

Brian and I are going to Kansas to visit family this summer. It was supposed to be a surprise for my mom..but she has had so much ickiness to deal with lately that I wanted to give her something to look forward to…and since I’m her favorite…she will look forward to seeing me!!!

So yesterday I called to wish her a happy mother’s day. she was in the new bass pro shop there in Topeka…and I told her I was coming down this summer.

She cried.
(she is so easy!!)

I feel better now.
I made her cry.
she is excited.
she will get to see her grandkids.
It’ll be great.

All except for the drive…that will take a toll on me…I am not a road trip girl.

So I also called my granny to tell her we were coming.

That was a hard phone call to make.
She finally admitted to me that she is taking meds for Alzheimer’s.

then she admitted it again.

then again.

(I guess the meds don’t work that well LOL!)

But she kind of upset me too.
She said I could stay with her…but she seemed uncomfortable about it…like maybe wayne wouldn ‘t like it.

I simply said I didn’t care….I’m coming to see her…not him.
And I will tell him straight where to go if he doesn’t like it.



I know I shouldn’t feel this way…it’s not very Christian of me…but I really could hate him.

This may be the last time I see her before she isn’t “granny” anymore.
Wayne can kiss my ass.

So….anyway…I am excited…I am going home.

I can’t wait!!!

And now, since it’s been awhile…here is some Ricky for ya:

*Brian is sitting at the computer and Ricky is standing beside him..pulling on his…er…um…boy parts*

Brian: “Ricky, do you need to go potty?”

Ricky: “No, I’m ok daddy.”

Brian: “then why are you holding yourself? You need to stop doing that son.”

Ricky: “but they keep attacking me daddy.”

Brian: “who keeps attacking you?”

Ricky: “my pants. They keep attacking me and giving me wedgies daddy..so I hafta pull em.”

Brian: “your pants are attacking you?”

Ricky: “yep”

*Ricky and I are driving this morning to feed the horse*

Ricky: “mommy…that is the place I was born at!”

Me: “yes, yes it is baby”

Ricky: “mommy? Where was kayla born?”

Me: “Sissy was born in Oklahoma buddy.”

Ricky: “Well, where was Clayton born?”

Me: “He was born in Oklahoma too.”

Ricky: “Where was daddy born?”

Me: “In the same hospital you were baby, Right here in Washington”

Ricky: “ Where was you born at mommy?”

Me: “I was born in Kansas.”

Ricky: “Mommy? Where was God born?”

Me: “God wasn’t born sweetie…he just always was.”

Ricky: “where does he live mommy?”

Me: ” He lives in heaven…and in our hearts.”

Ricky: “He lives in our hearts to keep us alive????!!!”

Me: “yep..that’s right”

Ricky: “and sometimes he goes to heaven to make rainbows right mommy? I like rainbows. They are pretty.”

Me: “yes baby…God makes rainbows. And you are right..they are pretty.”

Ricky: “Mom…I’m hungry.”

That little boy never fails to make me smile.
Hope he makes you smile too!


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  1. DANG, let me know when you will be there. I just might have to make a trip to Kansas as well!! Would love to see you guys.

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