In response to the comments on my last entry…


Yes…you were both invited…I just hadn’t sent invites out yet.
(you should get them in the mail today….now don’t you feel silly?)

Now…here are the instructions you need…

  1. with your left hand, pull the waist band of your pants away from your body.
  2. with your right hand, reach behind you and into your pants and grab ahold of your panties.
  3. with a firm tug, release panties from the wad that is evidentally stuck in your ass.
  4. smile and enjoy the feeling of your panties not being in a wad anymore.

Have a nice day! :.)

*for the record…this is being typed in a humurous, joking, funny, ha-ha manner. (as I am assuming those comments were…I could be wrong though.) It is a joke my peeps. Just a joke. No need for flaming emails or ugly posts on my myspace or phone calls telling me how horrible I am and that I’m a bitch (which I already know, no need to point that out to me..I am aware, thanks.) Again I repeat…this is a JOKE.*


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  1. sounds like your panties are in a wad again…see post to facilitate removal of said wad please!

    Ya big stinker!

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