Brian is turning 30



It’s about time he joined the land of the “grown-up”…. too bad it’s not as fun as I thought it would be.

At least he still has the sweet knowledge that I will always be older than him…albeit wiser. LOL!

So, he’s going to be 30. We are having a big ol’ party. Like a double kegger party. Which means I have tons of work to do.

His “short” list has around 40 people coming…Yikes!

Before, 40 people wouldn’t have been a problem…yeah, my house was smaller…but I had nearly 8 acres to let people wander around on…here…yanno, I’m not sure how much room I have…but I’m certain it is measured in square feet..not acres.

I really miss that.

Don’t get me wrong…I am completely in love with my house. I just really miss living in the country. Like it or not…I’m a country girl. I am so not liking living in the city. So what if it only takes 5 minutes to drive to the store?? So what if family comes to visit more often? So what if it’s more “convienient”?

I didn’t have people shooting each other two blocks over. I didn’t have kids “tagging” fences. My son was never assaulted. My neighbor never stuck his weed eater over my fence to “make my grass look nice”. I could sleep with my windows open. And I could breathe.

I’m just glad that Brian and I are on the same page…we just have to make this work for roughly 14 more years then it’s off to Montana for us and back to where we want to be….in the country.

But back to Brian’s birthday…30th birthday.

I just love to say that.

So we are going to have all these people over . We are going to BBQ. We are going to have a good time.

I’m totally going to tell the neighbor we are having a church meeting. (that is what he thought we were having when family and friends came over for the kids’ birthday parties…freakin nosey nelly…you just keep thinking that I’m a bible thumpin freak…it works for me.)

But what do I get my husband??

What do I get him for this oh-so-special birthday??

I really want to get him something awesome. He so deserves it. He works so hard for us. He sacrafices so we can have.

But what do I get him???

I thought about a stripper…but naw….that wouldn’t fit in with our beer drinkin, poker playin, NASCAR talkin, garage-hangin-out-in “church meeting”

Besides…there will be kids here…lots and lots of kids….lots of them. UGH.

I’m already tired just thinking about it.

So what do I get him??? I have no clue. I really don’t. I mean, he got a new helmet. He got to go to vegas. (and that was huge)

He does need a new racing suit…*snicker*…. I won’t say why…but he needs one.

but shipping will take too long for that.

And besides…I don’t have the $$ for one right now.

(see new helmet purchase mentioned above)

He does need a new pair of boots…but DAYMN…those are as pricy as the racing suit!!!

Maybe I’ll just wait and plan a “date night” for the two of us…yanno…go downtown and torture him with dinner at P.F. Changs and shopping at pottery barn and williams sonoma. (I discovered these things are right in Spokane…right downtown…he drove me right by them yesterday…then said “ooooh…I shouldn’t have taken this street huh?”….the big stinker)

I don’t know really what I will get him. But I’m going to find something special that’s for sure. He is awesome .

He takes good care of me.

He hides Pottery Barn from me.

He buys me new-ish McVans.

He gets way too mad at people who wreck his race car.

He watches Grey’s anatomy with me and understands when I say things like “dark and twisty” and ” you are my penis fish”

He reminds me not to curse in front of the kids.

He asks if he “can go work on the race car” instead of telling me that is what he is going to do.

He takes me camping in yellowstone…even if he does have to borrow his brother-in-law’s car and drive with his knees in his chest.

He tells me I’m beautful…eventhough I’m not. And makes me believe that he thinks so.

He makes me mad, makes me laugh, makes me roll my eyes, embarrasses me, makes me proud, and makes me complete.

How do you find the perfect present for someone like that???

I’m not sure..but I hope I find it soon.

For now, I’m off to plan this massive, huge, robust, where-the-hell-am-I-gonna-put-everybody party for him.

Happy birthday honey. I love you.

5 responses »

  1. Rob said he need leaf springs for said race car.

    Oh and Thanks for letting me know about this hugish party. Guess *I* am not on the short list.

  2. Does Brian read your Blog?

    I mean you have such a way with words and I just wonder if he reads what you write about him.

    You write such nice things about him.

  3. Hey there YOU…..There is NOTHING in this world that money can buy him that you haven’t already given him. YOU, YOURSELF, Your, support,honesty,fidelity,love and most of all your friendship.
    Don’t look for something to buy him because you don’t have enough money to purchase something more valuable than YOU!!!
    ps, I am embarrassed those people actually said something to you about NOT being on the “list”. This was NOT the time or the place. Your blog was VERY serious and heartfelt….boooo hisssss

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