I thank God for this day…


*sing with me now*

for the sun in the sky..for my mom and my dad…for my piece of apple pie….

Ok…so maybe I’m the only one who still knows that theme song from the veggie tales.

But my kids love it…so I sing it.
I really am thankful for this day.

I was reading two peas today…yeah…I’m a lurker.

And one of the gals in the pub…well, her son is sick with cancer.

Now I dont’ know her…have never seen her work…haven’t followed her at all…but reading her posts, it just breaks my heart.

And as much as my heart breaks for her and her family, I cannot help but be a little thankful that my babies are well.
they are healthy.

I am beyond thankful for that.

Today I got a call from the friend I babysit for and she wasn’t feeling well so they just decided to stay home today.

It was just going to be me and Ricky…..
What is a mom who has her little baby boy all to herself all day and is so very thankful for him to do???
Make some memories.

So I did. We went and got some McDonalds (yes…I know it’s bad for us…but ya gotta live a little now and then!) and we went and had a picnic lunch in the park…just the two of us.
It was a “mommy and me” day…it was wonderful…it was perfect.
(I need to make sure I do this with the other two soon!)

All I could do was keep thinking how lucky and blessed I am to be who I am..and to love the people I love.
Hug your kids folks…hug them every day!
Our day at the park:


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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I miss having my kids little so I could do this with them. Now that they’re teenagers they don’t want so much mommy time. Makes me kind of sad sometimes. Anyway, your posts are always filled with such contentment that I enjoy reading them. Your pictures are lovely.

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