I was not a cheerleader!


I bought M’Kayla some pom pons today.



She is currently pouting because I won’t teach her a cheer.

But I was not a cheerleader.

“But mom…didn’t you ever even see cheerleaders?”

Um…yes…but I was not a cheerleader.

“But why didn’t you perform mom?”

Because I wasn’t a cheerleader.

“Why not?”

What I said: “Because I just didn’t want to be a cheerleader sis”

What really happened: I actually really hated all of the cheerleaders at my school. They were the biggest bunch of “mean girls” I have ever come into contact with. (and “mean girls” is a nice way to say what I really wanted to call them)

And I was fat…at least by their standards…truth is I was in the best shape of my life…but it was still not “good enough”

It’s funny how that has carried over into my adult life.

There are still people telling me I’m not good enough.

But it has gotten me thinking…just what is it I’m not good enough for?????

Is there some secret club that only the skinny, pretty, and wealthy can belong to???

If there is…I dont’ want to join.

I do not wish to be judged by my genetic bone structure that makes up my face and makes me look like I do.

I do not wish to be judged by my waist size, or what size clothes I wear.

I do not wish to be judged by what I can or cannot afford…just because you may appear to have more than me…does not make you more than me.

I have all the riches the world can offer…I have a husband who loves me and is faithful to me, who is a fantastic father to my children and who is my best friend.

I have three beautiful, smart, funny, sweet, cute, adorable, genius children who are healthy little gifts from God.

I have a place to live and food to eat.

I have a family who loves me….and a place where I still call “home” when I go there.

And most of all..I have my God.

He has blessed me with all of this and He knows that this is what makes me feel most blessed.

I don’t need to be a cheerleader.

I don’t need to be a beauty queen.

I don’t need to move up a tax bracket.

I am happy…I am blessed…and to be perfectly honest…I’m glad I was not a cheerleader.

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  1. You know that is what I like most about you. You are NOT Shallow. You don’t judge by how people look.

    You accept people for who they are.

    Great now you got my mind going..

  2. NOT a cheerleader!!! LISTEN to you…you are the best cheerleader I’ve heard in a LOOOONG time and your tits are smackin ya in the face or your butt checks showin outcher britches….I LOVE IT!!
    Lulu, I haven’t seen a picture of you in quite sometime, your are BEAUTIFUL and I’m NOT just sayin that. You have matured into a beautiful young woman and sounds like with a heart of gold. DAMN I’m glad I rubbed off on you…hee hee. You KNOW I’m messin with ya on that one. Girl do NOT change your outlook…SHARE that same out look with your daughter. NOW is the time to teach her that it isn’t all about what’s on the outside of a person but what’s on the inside AND who needs to be in there with her (Jesus Christ). He will allow her to see with loving eyes not jealous eyes or material eyes. I am SOOOO proud of you Lulu!!
    Love ya,

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