Now I get it!


Ok…so I said I was feeling icky right?

Well, I was…so last night, Clay went to stay the night at a friends house. Ricky was napping and M’kayla was watching camp lazlo.

I thought it was a good time to maybe take a little bit of medicine and relax on the couch.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

I took nyquil….I have never taken the stuff before, but I usually (note I said usually) have a very high tolerance for meds that knock normal folks on their butts.

Last night I must have been normal…

That stuff completely knocked me out! When I woke up, Ricky was sitting on my feet and said “did you have a good sleep mommy?”




I was sleeping while my 4 year old was doing Lord knows what.

I am a horrible mommy.

so I sat up…woah…that was wicked!

Nyquil is better than three white russians and a six pack of coors light!

(do not ask me how I know that…I will not tell you)

I felt like I drank a whole gallon of southern comfort!!!

(again…don’t ask)

Then M’Kayla says “mom I’m hungry..WHEN are you going to make dinner?”

Utoh…I have to cook.

that can’t be safe…maybe it’s better if someone else cooks….

Ooooohhhh mistah chinese derivery driver!!!!!

Oh yes…I spent way too much on chinese food…and ate way too much of it too.

But it was guuuuuuuud.

And Brian also enjoyed it when he got I think it’s ok that I bought it.

I have to say…I feel a little hung over today..

It’s nuts really.

If I have a hang over, I by golly better have clothes that smell like a bar, and sore legs from doing the “electric slide” to every line dance song there is.

(quit laughing at me….seriously.)

If I have to be hung over, I should have had one hell of a good time the night before.

But no…I have guilt and cold chinese food.

But now I get it…I never understood why the heck high school kids drank nyquil….it always smelled so icky to me…but now I get it…that is some good stuff!!!

So lesson learned…stick to tylenol and no more nyquil for mommy!

Well, I am off…M’kayla has a birthday party to go to today…which means I have to at least try to get dressed and put on some makeup. Hope you all have a great weekend!


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