Feelin Icky


I just feel icky today.
I mean, I really feel icky…I have a sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, fever thing goin on…still.

I guess I need to go to the doctor.
Get some meds.
feel better.

Or not.

I got another call today about my uncle Mike.
He is in the hospital.
Evidentally he was having trouble breathing (um…yah…lung cancer will do that to ya)
turns out he has multiple blood clots in his lungs.
He needs to start chemo…like yesterday…but I guess the hospital doesn’t have the drugs to start it????
(I, for one, would be finding another hospital…but that’s just me I guess)

So he is not well.
Not well at all.
like really bad sick.

And for some reason he doesn’t want to tell his mom.

Now I get that granny has alzheimer’s disease.
I get that this sort of news could violently shove her over the edge she is so precariously balanced on.
I get that.
(yes..this is a big but…not unlike my own)
She is his mother.
A mother would move heaven and earth to do whatever they have to do for their kids.
She will want to be there for him.
He is her baby.
I don’t care how old he is…he is still her baby.
If that were my baby…and someone didn’t tell me…I’d never be able to forgive them.
And what happens if he dies?
Lets get real here people!
Who wants to be the one to make that call???
“Um…hi mom…I have some bad news about mike”
I can tell you who won’t make that call….me.

The call I will make though??? I will be calling her tomorrow morning to let her know what is going on with Mike.
She deserves to know what is going on with her son.
She deserves the chance to be with him…just incase.
So that’s right folks…you have a whopping 24 hours to get the cajones to tell her what’s up or I’m gonna.

I just still cannot wrap my mind around this whole thing.
It is just so crazy.
I know it is not mine to question…but I do have to wonder why.
And I know God has his reasons…but I still have to question.
I know I need to go home…

And sadly….it may be sooner and for different reasons than I wanted it to be.

Please keep Mike in your prayers…please.


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