Is it bedtime yet?

It’s only 9am. (well, it was when I started typing)
WHY does he feel the need to turn on every stinkin light in the house when he comes home at 5am?
I’m going to start closing the door to the bedroom when he does that…maybe he’ll take the hint.
I love the man dearly..and he is super quiet…but the lights wake me up.
Sweetie…only one light please…or get some night vision goggles k?
And who knew looking for a mini van would be so hard? I mean…for pete’s sake…it’s not like there is a shortage of the darn things…I should be able to find a reasonably priced, lower mileage mini-van right?
Car dealers are very proud of their stuff.
I’m not gonna give though…I know what I can afford, and that is what I will get. I’m not going to let anyone talk me into something I don’t want or need.
And why do some dealerships put “call us” where the price should be???
Oh, that’s right. They want your number so they can hound you.
*vent over*
On to the M’Kayla/hair/thing….
I’m really mean.
she is running away.
So, here is how it went….
Yesterday after she got home from school, she was uber excited to go get her hair cut.
As she was standing there in frong of me, about to burst with excitement, looking at me with eyes that could give any japanese cartoon a run for it’s money (think pikachu when he’s happy)
I had an epifiany.
(ok, so I had an idea and talked it out with LaSondra…but I’m still taking credit for it so there)
If I take her to the salon…she will be getting what she wanted…she wanted her hair cut.
(here is where I get mean)
So I decide there is no way I’m going to reward her bad behavior.
And I proceed to tell her:
  • I will not be taking her to the salon to get her hair fixed, she will just have to live with “her” haircut.
  • She is grounded for the rest of the week.







She decided that a dramatic hairflip was in order and stomped up to her room.

A little while later, I went to sit at the computer and I found this in my chair…

Evidentally spelling is not one of her strong points when she is mad. *snicker*

I just had to laugh out loud at this. She is such a drama queen.

Anyway, I explained to her what she had done wrong and why she is in trouble and why I won’t be taking her for a haircut any time soon.
It’s not like her hair is that bad…just a little jagged in the back…can’t even tell when it’s pulled back.
And hopefully, she has learned that acting out and throwing a fit will not get her what she wants!

But afterall…I am “men” (teeheehee!)

And today I will leave you with your daily dose of Ricky:

Me: “Ricky, why do you have that helmet on?”

Ricky: “cause it makes me cool mom.”

Me: “Yes it does, you are the coolest.”


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  1. I totally forgot to ask you what happened today….I am SO tied up in my owe woe is me …. ;P And I want to thank you for listening to my rants and thoughts no matter how over THUNK They are.

    Thank you.

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