A daily dose of Ricky…


It seems like every day he says something that makes me laugh out loud..today was no different.

This morning I was getting him dressed and when I take his shirt off I say “arms up”

He looks at me after I take off his shirt and says:

“Ya know mom, I have super powers.”

I say: “Oh really?”

He says: “yeah, I keep them in my arm pits so that’s why I can’t lift my arms up anymore…they’ll get out.”

A daily dose of Ricky can make anyone smile.

M’Kayla on the other hand…UGH.

She has been begging to get a haircut.

She wants short hair.

She says it’ll be cooler in the summer.

They have officially corrupted her (you know who you are)

So I agreed…we will cut it shorter for the summer.

I, evidentally, am not fast enough about getting her to the salon.

Last night, she cut the ends off of her braids.

Today…she went to school with jagged hair.

I am a MEAN mommy for making her go to school like that…for not letting her stay home and taking her straight to the salon when it opened today.

I am mean.

Just ask her.

But I refuse to reward bad behavior…she can have jagged hair today.

Serves her right.

She is seven.

she knows better.

But after school, (and after I take several photos to document the occasion), I will be taking her to the salon to get “short hair”

She doesn’t know it yet…and neither do her cohorts in crime…but it won’t be that short.

after all…I am the one paying for it.

(insert evil laugh here)

So I’m thinking a cute little short bob.

I will cry.

I’ve been growing her hair for seven years.

It is lovely hair.

but she wants it short.

She wins.

Because I cannot resist those eyes.

I will work on my weakness between now and the teen years. I will need more intestinal fortitude when that time comes….

I wonder if Ricky will loan me some super powers….

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  1. Let her suffer with jagged hair for a while…..If it is too hot then use a scrunchy and put it up!!!! Don’t reward her bad choice (cutting her hair) with what she wants…

    Well, that is what I would do. LOL

    Take care of yourself for once!!! =D



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