Eight years ago today…

Eight years ago today I walked into Crutchers for the west in Central mall in Lawton, Oklahoma and DeShane Williams asked me to go out with her and her friends…it was a saturday night.

I wasn’t sure why she asked me to go out…I never did really like her. But I needed a break and mom agreed to watch Clay…so I agreed.

Eight years ago today I arrived at C.W. Scooters in Lawton, Oklahoma and kicked back a few beers with some new friends.

Eight years ago today, a young guy named Brian wanted to know if that ring of my grandmother’s meant I was “taken”

I told him it didn’t, and he asked me to dance.

Eight years ago today, we looked up to see our friends leaving the bar…we just kept on dancing.

Eight years ago today, we hopped into the car Brian borrowed from a friend and went to breakfast at denny’s….we talked for hours.

Eight years ago today, Brian followed me home to make sure I got there ok…I invited him in for coffee.

Eight years ago today, Brian fell asleep in my chair while the coffee brewed.

Eight years ago today, I didn’t know it…but my future husband was sleeping in my living room, and as I watched the sun come up, a little voice told me he was “the one”.

Tomorrow is easter sunday…eight years ago tomorrow he met my mom…less than a month later, we were married.

Nine months later, we were parents to a beautiful baby girl.

Eight years later, we have three kids, a mini van, and a mortgage…and I couldn’t be happier.

I can’t believe it’s been eight years. I cannot wait to see what the next 8 hold for us.

Thank you Brian for the dance.

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