Easter Weekend


So, it’s easter weekend…anyone have any plans???

I plan to make really good friends with the cadbury bunny…that little devil.
He makes these eggs….oooooooh those eggs.

No, not the big, chocolate, creme filled ones…the little, choco-filled-candy-coated-balls-o-goodness called mini eggs.

They are sinful.

Thank goodness they only come once a year. Kind of like santa.

What is it with religious holidays and candy???

Oh well…cadbury mini eggs it is.
Cadbury mini eggs and diet coke. (do you see the irony there?)
That is all I want in my easter basket this year!

UGH…easter baskets. I still have to get those done. And once again I neglected to get my kidlets any easter clothes.
I am such a horrible mom.

But wait…not really. The thing is…I’m a bargain shopper. I don’t buy Christmas decor before the holiday and I don’t buy easter clothes before easter.

Ya know that beautiful little dress hanging on the easter display at the childrens place??? Oh yes…you know the one…that sucker will be mine, at easily half off after the holiday.
I’m all about the money saving.

So after easter, it’s new church clothes and a photo shoot!!! I think I may con Brian into taking me and the kidlets up to the aboretum to do a family photo shoot….
I know he won’t want to…
but he still owes me.
I let him go to Vegas.

(thought I forgot about that didn’t ya? HA…more than just my ass is like an elephant…I have a good memory too!)

I might even make them all do a wardrobe change!!!

(oh yes they will…)

So, I’m off to figure out what to include in the baskets and dive into my sinful cadbury mini eggs..have a happy easter everyone!!!


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