Have you ever had the ol’ “bait-n-switch” happen to you???

We did today! And I am still a little shocked to be quite honest. I mean, I’ve seen stores only get in a little bit of a great priced item and sell out relatively quickly and try to pass off a more expensive item in it’s place…I get that.
But from a car dealership???
Here is the whole dang story.

Brian and I are shopping for a new van.
Ok, not new..just new-er.
Brian checked the oil in our van last weekend….he saw water.
For those of you who don’t know, that is not a good thing.
There should never be water in your oil.
It means that it is only a matter of time before my precious lil’ windstar goes to that junkyard in the sky…or out in the valley…who knows.
Point is that “bessie” as I like to call her is dying..a slow and painful death.
And my objective is to find bessie a new home before she dies and replace her with a nice, shiny, sort-of-newish…well…replacement!

So I’ve been looking online. Seemed like a good place to start. I found one…it was almost the same color..had all the bells and whistles…low miles…and still under warranty!
DING DING DING! We have a winner!

So Brian calls the dealership…they say yes they still have it…fantastic.
Brian calls the bank…they say yes…we can get the loan.
Brian calls the dealership again…yes…they STILL have the van.
We load the kids int he car and drive cleeeeear out to the valley to see the van, with the plan being I will test drive it (cause it’ll be mine afterall) and Brian will do the mechanic-look-at-every-possible-trouble-spot inspection and if all is good…we go get check from bank and take shiny, new-ish van home!


So we get there..hop out of the van as the salesman comes out of the building…he sees Brian and says: “you must be Brian!”
To which Brian says “yep”
Salesman says: ” I didn’t know it, but we sold that van this morning…but we have this other blue one over here…”
At this point I say “Brian, I don’t even want to look at the blue one, if they don’t have it, lets go.”
(Brian is too polite)
Brian says: “Honey, it can’t hurt to look right?”

Oh but it was an ugly blue color…almost teal…UGH. There were horrible stains on the carpets (now before you roll your eyes, I KNOW my carpets have stains too…but would YOU buy one with TONS of stains on the carpeting and dried milk on the arm rests???? I didn’t think so…stop being so judgmental.)
Then he tries to show me one that is clearly out of our price range…and white…I will NOT own a white vehicle…it’s a personal thing.
I say: “I wanted the one I called about..not this white one.”
Salesman says ” But that one sold this morning…as a matter of fact, I sold the car they traded in on it too this afternoon.”
He totally KNEW that van was gone when we called!!!!!

We left.
I was mad.
I emailed them…I’m certain it won’t do any good…but I did it.
And guess what dealership will NOT be getting my business…I don’t care if they give me one for free!!!
(ok, well..maybe if it’s free…I’m no idiot.)

I just cannot stand it when someone lies to me. I hate it when a business, or any place where I go for a service, promises one thing and at the last minute changes the rules.

So I am still on the hunt for a shiny, new-ish, replacement for Bessie. The poor, sad, water in the oil havin thing will have to keep on keepin on for a while longer.
Hopefully there are still a few honest people out there…I think I’ll call downtown Toyota.

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  1. I totally agree with you on never owning a white vehicle. I hate them. A dealer tried to show me a white car once. I told him and my hubby I had no desire to own an unpainted car–yuck! Hope you find something you love soon!

  2. Poor Bessie…;o)

    I’m so sorry about the a-hole salesguy…what a crappy way to do business. Here’s to finding a new Bessie…(((HUGS)))

    p.s. – call me. Mac erased the caller ID before I could get your number off!!!!

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