NASCAR, Vegas, and the whole darn thing..


So here is the cover for Brian’s Vegas album. I would have liked to have had better supplies to do the title with, but when you havn’t gotten a stitch of scrapooking supplies in about seven months…that’s a little hard to do!
I think it turned out really cute though…I am lovin the wrench being tied on there. I can’t wait to get this one done and set it out for everyone to look through!
This weekend I’m going to make a trip to my LSS…alone…and shop! Something I havn’t done in a loooong time!
It felt good to be back at my desk…

I just wish I could find a place to hang out on the web. I think I may have become too soured on the whole message board thing..but I just get so discouraged with it.

I won’t go into why…I don’t want to upset the apple cart so to speak. It just seems like everywhere I turn there are tons of phoney people or people who are so uppity you practically can’t talk to them about things because you are beneath them.

So sad what the scrapbooking community has come to be. :.(

I will just keep on doing what makes me happy…because that is what scrapping is all about.

Ok…I’m off to put together my submission for a Manufacturer DT call I’m going to enter!


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