Car show!


Just a little quiz for you.

What do you do if you are sitting around the house on a saturday and have nothing to do?
Go to the CAR SHOW!!!
Brian and I took the kiddies and went down to the fairgrounds yesterday to the Spokane auto boat speed show. (funny…I don’t remember seeing boats…but anyway)
We had a really good time.

Well, as much fun as you can have at the auto boat speed show.
Ricky kept asking “where are the rides?”
Oh yes, he remembers the county fair…he wanted trains, rides and animals…that’s my boy!
Until he saw this:

Oh yes…that would be the one and only “Tow-Mater”…my little boy’s favorite character from Cars.
You should have seen his face when he saw him…and you should have heard the pitch of the scream that came out of that little human.

I swear sometimes he is half dolphin. He could literally talk to the whales. It’s really that high.
Kills my ears.

Anyway. This sudden appearence of the most special tow truck in the whole wide world, I am sure, made that little boy’s year.
He kept talking about seeing tow-mater….whom he has lovingly dubbed “bahookie”…not sure why.

That is just his new favorite word…bahookie.
Ok little man…bahookie it is.

So of course I had to get a pic of the kidlets with “bahookie”/tow-mater.

I tried to get Clayton to get in the photo too…but little did I know…it is uber un-cool as a pre-teen to be seen having your picture taken with a cartoon tow truck.

I am such an idiot.
I should have know that.
Gheesh mom.

He did eventually find a truck he was more than happy to stand with for a picture…

“I like the big trucks mom”

I know you do son…you are mine after all.

So, all in all we had a great time. I got a bunch of pictures, Ricky got to meed “bahookie”, M’Kayla won a ball cap, Clayton got to drool over the big trucks, and Brian got to critique every exposed engine in the building.
You just can’t beat that for a saturday afternoon with the family.
Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day…enjoy!


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  1. oh how cool is tow-mater!!! looks like tons of fun! glad that your son was able to find the big truck! i like that one too! and the red car, wouldn’t mind having either of them, so long as they didn’t come with payments!!

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