Found:Solutions, mojo, and armpit hair.


We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog reading to bring you this important message:

Tomorrow is kitty day.
Ricky declaired it this morning.
So it must be so.
Tomorrow, pet your kitty.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog reading…

So I have found some things since I last blogged.
I did a lot of crying, and a lot of calling and we all have an appointment on Monday morning with a counselor for Clayton. I am so hopeful that this will be exactly what we need to get him headed down the right track!
Time will tell I suppose.
Just keep us in your prayers if you are so inclined to do so.

Speaking of Clayton…he told me last night that he is getting arm pit hair. (yeah..I know..gross subject..bear with me here)
I didn’t believe him.
I made him show me.
Sho’ nuff…
Arm pit hair has sprouted on my pre-teen.
I promise that I will not be like those other scrapbookers and bloggers out there and assault you with a photo of said arm pit hair.
I’ll let you use your imagination.
(can I just say real quick how annoying it is to see a photo of everything that happens in a scrapbookers daily life…ladies, there are some things that just shouldn’t be photographed and tossed out onto the world wide web.)
But they are there.
And I am officially old.
Not flippin old enough to have a kid who is getting arm pit hair….but old.

Aaaaaand… I FOUND MY MOJO!!!!!!!!!
I’m still not quite sure where it was hiding…but I started Brian’s vegas album today and let me tell you it turned out Sa-weet!!!!
Anyone who knows me knows I don’t usually brag about my work. But this album, this album is rockin!!!
I will try to get a few pics of it tomorrow..but today it’s really cloudy out…and I simply cannot fit a book with a WRENCH on the front of it in my scanner bed…
yeah…there is actually a wrench on it…told ya it kicks butt!

So..I hope you all have a fantastic day today..and enjoy kitty day tomorrow.
I am going to get off of this computer and spend some time with my family!


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  1. I hope to see your work (not the arm pit hair) but the scrap booking. You know I am a huge fan of your work!!


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