Out of sorts


Have you ever just felt out of sorts?
Like when you thought things were going one way and all of a sudden, someone makes a sharp turn and you smack your head on the window?

And you look over at the person driving and say “WTF?!!!”

I kind of feel that way tonight.

It’s weird really. I haven’t felt this way for a long time. But tonight I’m out of sorts.

But it’s ok…because I have learned a lesson.

People are rarely to be taken at face value. There is almost always more going on than we can really know.
There is a whole story behind the scenes that we can’t know about until one day you get your head smacked into a window when someone takes an unexpected sharp turn.

And I have learned when it is time to bow out. To smile and nod. To back down.
And I am ok with that.
It may sound weak…but it’s not.
Sometimes you just have to know when you are beat.
And be satisfied with the knowledge that you just might have been right…even if no one else can see that at the time.

I just hope I’m not too full of myself to say “I told you so” when the stuff hits the fan.

But besides being out of sorts….I am happy!
We had a really nice weekend this week..and that is a GOOD thing…because I am looking down the barrel of two weeks full-o-kids.
Half days all this week, and next week is spring break.

Brian said we are going away the weekend of our anniversary. I can’t wait…to remind him he races that weekend and we will have to go sooner!!!!!!
He’s thinking hot springs in Canada….I’m thinking somewhere dark and quiet where I can sleep and order room service and have a maid for the weekend.
We shall see!

I scrapbooked today. Can you believe it?!
There was a challenge posted at tallyscrapper.com and I decided to do it…didn’t post the layout though.
They said we had till midnight..they left out the little tid-bit that it was midnight CENTRAL time.
I was too late.
But that’s ok…because the layout didn’t turn out that well anyway and there is no way it would have gotten me the prize.
But it felt good to get back in there to my desk.
It felt good to read the challenge and immediately have an idea pop into my head…and know exactly which picture to use.
it was fantastic to feel that again.
And it made me realize something…I really do love to scrapbook…I really do.
And it’s not about the DT’s or the product…it’s about creating something meaningful.
It rocks.

My poor hubby.
He is so sensitive.
His great uncle made an ugly comment tonight about his weight and he is truly bummed.
Old men are mean.
Hey old uncle dude…..He may be fat…but your ugly…and he can diet.
so there.
(yes…I know…two wrongs don’t make a right…but I feel better.)
I just wanna hug him and let him know that no matter how chubby he gets, I still love him.
But this old guy? Well….I get the distinct impression that he is one of those people who only values the people in his life that fit his idea of ideal.

1. Thin
2. Well off
3. willing to agree with all he says.

And that is sad.
Because my chubby husband….well…he really admires this uncle guy…and he really hurt him tonight.
Us fat folks have feelings too people.

Well…I have to say that I have rambled away too much tonight…so I think I will go hit the shower and go to bed…and hug my chubby hubby LOL!
Night all!


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  1. I am soo sorry that the Great (asshole) – Uncle said something. Too bad he didn’t have one off those days he sat in the corner all pissed off to be there.

    Give him hugs and kisses.

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