So, I’m sitting here reading the scrap smack blog (oh yes…I read it…and you know you do too!!) and I hear this noise.


what on earth???


It’s Ricky. Sounds like he has his hot wheels cars in his shirt again.
(he folds his shirt up to make a pocket to hold them in)

But wait…that is a little too rhythmic…and he’s stomping his feet.

Me: “Ricky? Where are your hot wheels???”

Ricky: (giggling) “Day are in my PANTS mommy!! I got cars pants!!!!”

Me: “Doesn’t that hurt??”

Ricky: (falling on the ground to *ahem* un-wedge a car) “Only when dey goes in my bum. Am I in trouble?”

Me: (laughing too hard to get many words out) “No…you are not….in trouble!”

Ricky: (taking hot wheels out of his unders) “mommy, yanno, unders is not a good place for hot wheels.”

Me: (snorting) “Yes bubba, I know…you should carry them in your bucket.”

Ricky: “ok mommy…I will”
Then he scampers off to play.

That boy never fails to make me laugh out loud!

Now back to that blog….you dont‘ have to admit it…but you do read it.
I stopped in there today because I heard that they announced the HOF winners and I wanted to read the “fall out” from it.

Every year…all these people try out…knowing full well that only “certain” people will make it in..and then there is much whining and crying when the winners are announced.

I have never entered HOF….and I never will. I came close once, but I will never do it.
I seriously doubt that I will ever enter any HUGE scrapbooking contests.
Because just like in any other industry…it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

That and I truly don’t care.

But anyway….I DID enter the DT call at Tallyscrapper. I am falling more and more in love with that site every day. It’s way too fun. I truly hope they can maintain the light atmosphere there.
And hopefully they will want me to help with that!
Like I said, it has been a looooooooooooong time since I’ve tried out for any DT’s.
But this one just felt right.
Until today……

I was looking….looking at the HOF “rejects” (as they like to call themselves LOL) and one thing is veeeeery clear….
My style is no longer “popular”.

I am a very farm-down-home-lots or embellies-chatterbox-crate paper kind of girl.
I don’t like “white space” on my layouts.
And while I love to look at and really admire the “urban” and “artsy” look of today’s popular layouts….it is most assuredly not my style.
So I think I’m in trouble.
At least as far as making any DT’s or getting any more pubs goes.
Big trouble.

But I’m ok with that….I’m not going to change my style for anyone. These pages are for my kids and my grandkids…and weather or not I ever get another call for a layout is ok with me…
Because I can say I was true to myself.

And besides… chatterbox and crate paper are just soooooooooooo fun to look at!!!!


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