I love someone with Alzheimer’s Disease


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It is a hard thing to admit.

I don’t want to admit that I am slowly losing my Grandmother.

And she is so young…she is only 74.

But she forgets things.

Like who I am.

And Ricky’s name.

And it’s hard.

I got an email today from a dear friend of mine. She said some things that really made me think.

she is good at making me think…always has been.

But I have been selfish.

I don’t call my granny often enough….because it hurts.

But I need to stop that.

So today I’m going to call her. And tell her I love her.

And I’m going to pray. I’m going to pray for a cure. And Pray that no one else has to endure this sort of pain.

That no one else has to feel the fear she must feel.

And when I see her again…I’m going to hug her. And I’m going to make some memories with her. Memories that only I may remember…but I will document them. With my camera and some paper and glue.
So they will remain, long after she is gone.
Because she will be gone far too soon.

So, if you feel the need…do something. Make a donation to help fund research. Do some crafts to raise awareness. Participate in fundraisers in your community.

Love someone with Alzheimer’s Disease.


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  1. Hi there , i came across your Blog today, love it, and will keep reading.


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