We are messy.


That is what M’Kayla’s friend told me today. We are messy. Aren’t kids cute….
But the truth of the matter is…I am messy! Especially when you compare me to the previous owners of this house…..


I’m sorry…I’ve never seen a home with several small humans living in it (and two dogs and two cats) that wasn’t just a little bit on the messy side!
And if I have ever seen one…I can assure you that the homeowners could afford a cleaning lady.

I cannot.

So I am messy.

There are dishes in my sink that are dirty…some of them may be there tomorrow too.
There are little bits of dirt on the kitchen floor that I tracked in when I was working to clear out the flower beds today to see the little plants trying to break through the dirt.
There are toys lying on the floor in the foyer…because Ricky was racing today..and there was “wreckage”….and he wants to show daddy when he gets home.

So yes..little neighbor girl…we are messy.
Because we live here.
Because little things like a few dishes and some toys on the floor are what makes this house a home.
Because eventhough there may be a shortage of clean towels right before laundry day…there is never a shortage of love here.

We are messy.
And this is our home.


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  1. You go girl….I’m with you. I am Messy to, and proud of it!!!
    I have a mat in the middle of my living room floor that I sleep on when hubby snores and laundry baskets with clothes that need to be folded and or put away right beside the book case.
    Even have the dirty dishes to.

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