Just not sure…


So I was cruising around the internet the other day and I stumbled upon this little site…a scrapbooking site…it’s called “tallyscrapper” This place is uber cool…they have these points and you give them away and I don’t quite understand it all yet but it’s really way cool and at some point I should use punctuation to indicate a break in my talking but I am just so stinkin stoked about this site that I’m talking and typing really fast but now my hands hurt so here is a period.

Scrapbooking Supplies

..so I signed up. I’ve been doing a little posting and putting up some layouts..getting some love in the comments department.

Then I noticed something…they are calling for a design team…

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve wanted to apply for a DT. But I think I may want to apply for this one.
But I am so unsure.
I miss it so much…the paper…the scrapping…the photography…the friends.
I may just have to give it a go…I may just have to jump back in!
So today I think I will spend some time at my desk doing some creating. It’s been since last August…it’s time to break out the glue and paper and give my slicer a workout!!!!

And if anyone still reads this and is looking for a great new place to hang out…come visit them over at tallyscrapper!!!


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