some people…


I just don’t get it.
I just really don’t.

I need to vent a bit…so yanno…feel free to ignore this post.

Vent #1:
To my fairy-good neighbor…
No one thinks it’s cute when “buddy” nips at their ankles.
No one think’s it’s cute when “buddy” attacks their dogs…and no dude..he is not “playing”
No one think’s it cute when “buddy” craps in their yard.
I wish that girl who was walking her boxer down the sidewalk (on a leash no less) would have let her dog eat little buddy.
And I wish like everything the mailman would have pepper sprayed the little mutt the other day when he went after him.
And I have to say…the mailman did NOT look like he was laughing…perhaps you shouldn’t have laughed at him.
I’m calling animal control monday to turn your ass in. I’ve had enough and that little mutt has nipped at my kids one too many times.

Vent #2:
To M’Kayla’s friends mom…
I am not a free babysitter.
why would you even think to say that your daughter can only have a sleep-over if your other (and much younger…think toddler) daughter can stay too be cause you “have plans tonight”
You said you had to hire a sitter….well, guess still have to hire a sitter…you just have to pay them less.
You pull that crap again and I will be presenting you with a bill for services rendered…and I’m not cheap…I have 12 years experience and all of my first aid qualifications…I charge $10.00 an hour.

Vent #3:
To my son…
Clayton, please get some friends with NORMAL people for parents. Your friend is a great kid…really he is.
And he is welcome here anytime.
But his folks are weird.
His dad comes over to meet us and proceeds to wrestle with my dog…while pinching and twisting his lips. (WTF???!!!) Then asks if you are allowed to play dungeons and dragons…cause he’s a “dungeon master”. (um…not no but HELL NO)
*disclaimer-I have nothing against D&D…I’ve played it myself…but this dude…weeeeeird*
Then he stands there with my door open, watching the scooby-doo movie, and doesn’t leave until I say “well, it was nice meeting you…have a good night” THREE times.
Normal people son…seriously.

Vent #4:
To my husband…
I love you dearly.
truly I do.
and I love that after all these years you still want me and find me hot enough to want to wake me up….
but dude…seriously.
it’s saturday. And I have to watch three extra kids today…that is six in all…I need my sleep.
Saturday I sleep in…hope that is loud and clear.
If there aren’t kids up playing with knives…leave me alone.
you touch me before 9 am sunday morning and I’m going to kick you….I mean it.

Ok…there..I feel much better. Thanks for letting me get that out of my system!
Have a super-duper-dungeon-master-day!


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  1. This was just too funny and the dog thing I totally get. I have one of those. And welcome to Tallyscrapper!! Love that site!!

  2. Oh my….what a good laugh. You poor thing. How is the dogs lips????? I can’t stop laughing over that one.
    Great to have ya at TS!!!!

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