Home sweet home


Is there anything sweeter than a kitty sleeping? It’s funny how much more like home a house can feel with a cat in it. This is little Lilah. One of our kitties we got for the kids.
This house sure is feeling like home.
I really cannot wait to get things going in the “make it mine” department. I actually got Brian to sit and help me pick out a paint color for the living room today.
I think it’s because he’s going to Vegas and wants to kiss up…but I’ll take it. I want to paint while he’s gone!!
So, the color we decided on initially was a pottery barn color called “rural earth”. But it was DARK. And like $42.00 a gallon.


So we started looking at the Behr paints and found one that is a shade or two lighter called “moutain Elk”
It is dark too..but not as dark.
So moutain elk it is….I think he just picked it because it had elk in the name..but again…I’ll take it!
So, not only did we pick out a paint. We also mapped out the built-ins we want beside the fireplace.
Yet another pottery barn idea. I showed Brian the picture and he was like “wow…wood storage on shelves???”
Yes honey…I think of everything.
And then I convinced him that plantation shutters would be awesome instead of curtains. What with that dark paint, we need all the natural light we can get right???
And so now I am shopping.
Shopping for plantation shutters, and lumber, and crown moulding, and paint, and slip covers, and a rug, and lamps, and the list goes on and on…..
It’s crazy.
And Pottery barn is the debil.
It’s evil I tell ya!!!
But I loooooooooooooooooove Pottery Barn.
I could live in their catalog.

I am just glad I finally found a room to get started with. I have had all of these ideas running around in my head and it’s nice to finally focus.
I just hope it looks like it looks in my head when I get done!!!!

Then I think I’ll move on to the kitchen…yep..the kitchen is next!!!
Ok…I’m off to look for a color for the kitchen….Muwhahahahaha!!!!


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