I hope it’s that way.


Last night was the end of a three-part episode of Grey’s Anatomy. (have I mentioned how much I love that show???) Meredith went into the water…she was dead. But of course they brought her back…they had to. She is Meredith GREY…it’s would be what if she died…just “anatomy”?
Me thinks that would not work.
I cried.
I NEVER cry at shows or movies…well, except the lion king. I always cry when little simba is under the big ol’ paw of Mufasa, and comes to the realization that his daddy is gone.


But anyway….
Meredith lived.
Ellis did not.
Ellis is Meredith’s mom, she has Alzheimers..well, had it anyway.
I connected with Ellis.
Someone I know is like Ellis.
And she is forgetting who I am.
My Grandmother thinks I am my mom. and that I am married to my father. (ok, that is a tad funny and a little weird in a warped kind of way..but not funny at all really.)
Richard (the cheif..and Ellis’ lover) said to Ellis after she died that she had “been gone for a long time”
I know that this is the beginning of her being gone.
It sucks.
I hate it.
I hate that Ellis died.
I hate that my grandma is forgetting me.

Denny died too…Denny was Izzy’s fiance. He died and left Izzy. But at the end of the show, after all was said and done. Ellis was gone, Meredith lived, Izzy was a rock star, Cristina got her person back, Derrick had his love back. After it was all over, Ellis was in “heaven” and she was whole again…she knew who everyone was.
And Izzy was leaving the hospital…and for just a second, just a split second, just an instant in time, she felt denny She could smell him, she could feel him, she could sense him.
I hope it’s that way.
I hope that someday granny will be whole again…that she will remember me, and for just an instant in time I will feel her, know she is there and be able to share a moment with her again.
I hope it’s that way.

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