It’s Tuesday.


I thought it was Monday..most likely because the kids didn’t have school monday…and Chloe was sick. So today is my monday.
and I am

One of Brian’s good friends from Highschool had a going away party on Sunday. He is in the air force and is being stationed in Guam for three years. So of course we went. What a BLAST!!! We had a really good time. It was nice to get to meet some new people. (well, new to me!)
Anyway. Here’s to Blaine….Stay safe and take good care of that beautiful family of yours.

(Andy, Blaine and Brian at graduation…1995)

(Andy, Blaine and Brian….a few years later *wink*)

Anywhoo…on to other things.

I’m counting my points today…I’m drinking my water…I’m eating my veggies.




I know it will pass though. I have got to get my butt smaller. NO way I’m gettin in a pool this summer unless I do.

I either lose weight…or buy a Berka.

No one should have to look at this.


But I’m working on it!! And that is what matters!

Ok…I’m off to find a baby gift for my buddie Jaime (Welcome to the world Addison!!!!!) and a birthday gift for Blaine and Tiffany’s little guy for this weekend.

Hope everyone has a good’un!!!


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