Found Photos


I was hanging out at 2 peas today…my source for everything internet…it’s amazing what those ladies can find!!
Someone posted a site called they were discussing how it was wrong for someone to steal your photos and put them on another site…which I agree with…but I had to check it out for myself.

Very interesting.

All of these little images from people’s lives. Some were funny, some were disturbing, some were gross, some were art.

And that got me thinking. I usually only post my very best shots here. I cannot tell you how many folders full of photos I have on this computer.
Well, yes, I can.
So many that it is slowing down my computer.
(which reminds me…time to buy some disks)
So, I wanted to share some of my “found photos”….these are the ones that give a glimpse into the funny, disturbing, gross, artful thing that is life.


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