I’m artsy-fartsy.


I guess you learn something new about yourself everyday.
Today I learned that I am artsy-fartsy.


I’m artsy-fartsy.

We went today to a birthday party for LaSondra’s daughter…I cannot believe she is 13….weird.

So LaSondra painted her bedroom a salmon color…and wanted some input on a door…and crown moulding…and other stuff.

She made the mistake of asking me for my opinion.
I never have a shortage of opinion.

So I told her what I thought, and she and Amy and I got to talking about what we wanted to do with our houses.
I think I mentioned something about blue and orange paint and a fuzzy rug in Clayton’s room…and something about barn red walls upstairs….and something about wainscotting…and something about the color “pommeroy mustard” that I want to paint the kitchen walls. (and I’m sure there was more…I tend to have run-on sentences when you get me on the topic of home decor)
And that’s when they said it.
I am artsy-fartsy.
I guess I can live with that…after all…it’s better than being like Brian.
He’s just fartsy.

So talking about all the things I want to do to my house led Amy to ask me a very poinant question….she asked when I planned to do all of this stuff.
Good question.
I think I said something about doing it one piece at a time….but it got me thinking…
I need to focus.
I need to pick a room and work on one thing at a time.
But what room do I pick first?????
are .

So I think I may have made a decision….I think I’m going to start on the living room.
That one is the first one you see.
and first impressions are always the most important right?
So I will work on the living room….
at least until spring.
Until it warms up.
Until I can get out and work in the yard.

I need to grow some grass…in the yard.
Grass and flowers.
yellow flowers.

For right now, I’m off to use my artsy-fartsy spidy sense to find a three tier castle cake for my princess!
Yet another birthday….I can’t believe she will be seven on wednesday.
Slow down baby girl…you are growing up way too fast.


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