Nosey much?


Have you ever had a nosey neighbor???
I am a nosey neighbor…or at least I thought I was until today.

I heard Junior doing that low growl/bark thing that dogs do just before they rip a limb from someone’s body…so I got up and went out to go get him.
Our new neighbor was out with his dog….again.
Not on a leash….again.
running Junior up and down the fence…again.

So I hollered at Junior to come in.
the neighbor says “Oh he’s ok…buddy is just trying to give him a run for his money”

I said something about being worried about Junior getting out of the fence and hurting little buddy….which he ignored.
he ignored my warning…yet again…that my labrador CAN get out and if he DOES get out he will rip little buddy to shreds.
I guess he doesn’t care.
I do though.
My dog isn’t mean…but when you have your dog running up and down my fence teasing him..he might just get mean.
But anyway…..
Then he says to me (totally out of the blue I might add): “How long did you guys have your christmas tree sitting on your front porch?”
I said “HUH?”
I seriously thought I misunderstood him.
so he said it again.
I said “I dunno….a week I think, why?”
He said “Oh, I just noticed that it was sitting there for awhile and I wondered why since they have free pick-up for them”
Okies….I wanted to say “well, you have a little too much free time on your hands don’t you?”
But I just said “We don’t have them pick it up because we use the wood” and turned to go into the house.
then he says ” Why do you tie Junior up in the back yard all the time?”
I think “WTF dude???!!!!”
I said “Um, I DON’T tie him up back there all the time…he has been on his chain TWICE since we moved in here…it is his “naughty spot”….and when he got in trouble for, oh, EATING my window sill, I put him on his chain…he actually spends all day in the house.”
He said “oh, well I just noticed him on the chain a lot”
I said “he’s not on the chain a lot”
At this point “buddy” took off across the street to eat the neighbor’s cat food that they leave out for their cats…and my nosey neighbor pranced across the street after him. (yes, he pranced…in his jammie pants…pranced. )

I’m not totally sure what this guy was getting at…but I’m sure not going to be surprised when animal welfare shows up at my house to check on poor junior…who is “on the chain all day”
I’ll be sure to let them know about buddy….who runs my dog up and down the fence and who is never on a leash.
It just completely caught me off guard.
and it felt a little weird.
Ok, really weird.

Living in the city is


Anyway, on to other things….

Clayton will be 12 on friday.
did you read that???

That is just weird. Where did 12 years go? I cannot believe he is nearly a teenager. And I cannot tell you how incredibly scared I am for him to be a teen!
Holy hormones batman!

I think I may make him sit on my lap tonight…he will hate it…but I think I may do it anyway. While I still can.
Man they grow up too fast.

I finally got my scrap space put together!!! Now if only I could find the time to get in there and do some scrapbooking!!!
I think I need some new paper….yeah…that’s it…I need to go shopping!!! I’ll keep ya posted on how that goes…*snort*

So…I will leave you with a few shorts….because the day is growing long and I need to get busy…

  • I updated my myspace….put in a new slideshow with some layouts..tre’ cool.
  • Amy…keep up the good work on your WW girl!!!! You can do it!!!
  • Uncle Mike….your family loves you…put the bottle down man.
  • Erin…*sigh* I just don’t know what to say.
  • Mom…keep on keepin on….it’ll all come out in the wash!
  • Jaime…I miss you!!! CALL ME GIRL!!!!
  • Chelsea…quit being so sassy to your parents…they only want to help you and care about you and love you. Lose the attitude.
  • Winter…you can feel free to leave at any point now…I’m ready to grow my grass!

Ok…I’m off to figure out why my baby is running a fever yet AGAIN. Have fun ya’ll!!!!


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