The tree is on the porch….and everything is shifting


And thank goodness for that! The darn thing was shedding needles all over the floor…it was starting to become a pain in the butt. Much like my children. When does school start again????
just kidding
(sort of)
So, what did you get for Christmas??

I got….are you ready for this?

A cell phone!
Ahhh yes, I have finally joined the ranks of people everywhere who can be reached at any time and in any place.
At home
In my car
On the horse
at the store
or even in the potty. (“can you hold on a sec..????”)
I have tried to escape this little bit of technology….but I had to cave when the other day I REALLY needed to talk to Brian and there were no pay phones to be found. (just who decided to take all the pay phones out anyway?)
So my hubby got me a cell phone.
Which is cool.
Cause we’re both “In”
We can call each other for free.
I’ve never been “In” before.
It’s kinda neat.
(using words like neat is probably a good indication as to why I was never “in”)
I am “in”

As for other Christmas gifts…I got a stock pot…which doesn’t sound like an exceptionally cool gift except that I actually asked for it.
Ok, what really happened is that I kept borrowing them from my sister-in-law and Mother-in-law….so I guess the sister-in-law decided I needed one…and I also said “wow, I’d love to have a stock pot”
She’s good at picking up my hints. ;.)
I also got a watch. It’s a tad tight. I’ve never had that problem before. I have small wrists.
but this watch is tight. I guess I know what my resolution will be. I need to slim down a bit.
I need to call jenny craig, weight watchers, anyone who can help me not be roughly the size of a whale.
Time to lose weight.
Which is ok….because I quit smoking….I’m trying to get healthy….this is just part of it! Right?
But back to Christmas…because this was a very interesting Christmas.
There were some big changes this Christmas.
Things happened that made me realize that time has a way of marching on…even if we want it to stop dead in it’s tracks.
Kids grow.
people get old.
new people are born.
roles are passed on.
It has all been quite overwhelming.
It all started innocently enough…just like any other Christmas. But it didn’t end up that way.
Just before Christmas, Brian’s dad was injured in an accident and has a broken knee cap.
In and of itself not a horrible thing.
But Brian had to “play santa” this year.
Usually Dick passes out the gifts….it’s what he does…it’s “papa’s” job.
This year, it was Brian’s job….
did you feel that shift?
And that was just a temporary shift….but it was weird…it was weird for me, and for Brian…he talked a lot about his grandpa this year…about how he remembers when it shifted for him…when his dad took over.
We all know that next year, Dick will be back to passing out gifts and cooking…but for just a moment..we saw the future…and it was hard to see.
And then some happiness!!!
My cousin Marcie went into labor on Christmas eve…and at 10:02 pm she gave birth to Noah!
I am so incredibly happy for her and her husband, Devin.
And how incredible that he was born on such a special day…I am sure that to his parents, he is a miracle! And what a great day to celebrate that miracle for many years to come!
It was a good shift.
And then, on Christmas day I was given a gift I never wanted to get.
I called my Grandmother to see how her day went…to tell her I missed her…to tell her I wished I could have been with her this year.
We chatted about our gifts and the kids. And then we started talking about Christmas cards.
She said ” I got a card from your ex mother in law”
I said “Grandma, I don’t have an ex mother in law”
She said “yes you do…the one from your first marriage”
I said ” no grandma, I’ve only been married once”
She said “you were married to Richard, Mildred (his mother) sent me a card”
I said (around tears) “no grandma, My mom was married to him…this is Christi…I am married to Brian. Richard is my father”
She said “Oh yes, that’s right”
I am not sure what conversation followed that…because my mouth was on auto pilot.
I knew there would be a day when this would happen.
But I never expected it to be this soon.
This was more than a shift….this was a leap.
And the landing hurt.
While this Christmas left me incredibly grateful for each and every blessing in my life…my husband, my children, my life, my savior….
it will most certainly be a Christmas I will not soon forget.
This was a Christmas of change….a Christmas of shifts and slides and downright falls.
I cannot imagine what next year holds in store for me…but I was given a gift this year that I hope I will not soon forget.
Savor every moment…soak it all up….take it all in…because you never know when it could all shift.


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