Let the fun begin!


So, slowly but surely this house is revealing to me the joys of home ownership. What fun. So far my list of “must do’s” consists of:

  • completely insulate the basement. (evidentally they didn’t think of that)
  • find and repair the leak in the upstairs toilet.
  • completely replace the wood on the front porch.

BUT. I must say, I am NOT complaining at all!!! I came into this fully aware that I would be looking at some repairs. I mean, this house is nearly 100 years old. And I simply adore the history and “feel” that comes with that. So if I have to deal with a little insulation and plumming..so be it.

I am also really looking forward to all of the remodeling and redecorating I am going to do over the next few years. I’ve been scouring the pottery barn catalogs for ideas. (and just why can’t I just get an unlimited credit card for their store??? ) And I found the CUTEST little country shop over in Coeur D’Alene, ID that I want to go to. Along with all of the shops I saw on our way home from Canada last time we went. I just love that sort of thing!

On to other things now. I have decided that there is just no way I am going to be able to get all of my family in a picture for a Christmas card…so just kids it is. I think it’ll be better that way anyway….Brian and I could both stand to be more….well….in shape. And so today I’m going to try to get a good shot of the kiddies for our Christmas card and get those going.

Scrapbooking?? What’s that??? I havn’t a clue. I still don’t have my desk in my room. I may have to start getting ugly with the hubby about that.

Once I do get my desk in there, I’m going to make some little ribbon Christmas trees that my friend Share showed me how to make. She has this cool new ribbon store on the web…I’ll have to post a linkie pooh for ya soon.

Speaking of friends, I am starting to worry about my buddie Jaime. I havn’t heard from her for some time and I know she has had some not-so-good things going on in her life lately. Jaime…girl, if you read this…know I’m thinking of you and CALL ME. :.)

So, is everyone ready for Christmas break?? I’m NOT. Turns out that I’m going to have two extra kids over Christmas break. I will have kids ages 11, 6, 5, 4, and 4. Can you say “fun”??? Oh, and did I mention that I have to keep them quiet? That’s right, with Brian working nights, I have to find a way to keep five kids quiet. Anyone have any quiet craft ideas???? Any quiet game ideas??? I am going to pick up the stuff for them to do some fingerpainting, make an ornament for their families, coloring books, crayons, play-doh, that sort of stuff…but ANY advice would be appreciated!

And on that note, I will close. I need to make a shopping list and check out the sales at costco. Have a fantastic week!


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